NetBase Quid’s Patient Journey is an Essential Marketing Tool through Social Media Analytics

The patient journey is a conglomeration of patients’ healthcare system experiences. It elaborates on the entire path patients take, starting from the initial symptoms to the end of their treatment procedure. Therefore, it contains real-life features of patients’ treatment paths, including their significant issues with the physicians, drugs, and the entire healthcare system.

Patients often use government and healthcare organizations’ websites for online research, besides using other platforms, including social media and digital forums, by interacting with health experts and other patients. 

The Stages and Processes of the Patient Journey

Increased internet access has enhanced increased visibility from several perspectives. Studies indicate that over 85% of social media users provide their health information on various platforms. This value indicates a very start since the internet is projected to play a significant role in the journey. Healthcare technology and development are eradicating human errors and promoting diagnoses, thus enhancing outcomes. 

Moreover, sophisticated consumer and market research technology facilitates data collection and analysis to encourage the integration of critical stages in perceiving the patients’ experiences. The steps include awareness, access, care, treatment, and long-term relationship. Awareness involves the patient learning about an organization and recognizing its ability to help them. The access stage is a contact phase where the patient advances and evokes a response. 

Importance of Patient Journey in Marketing Based on Social Media Analytics

Organizations strive to be capable of tracking their insights as it creates a differentiation for their different journey through social media analytics. Moreover, it is crucial in campaign and market management. The precise application of social media analytics exceeds campaign tracking and competitive intelligence. It entails several mechanisms and significances, as illustrated below.

Social Media Analytics Offers Accurate Consumer Experience

Brands can be used for marketing through social media analytics to inform the 

  • Firm’s needs
  • Integrating the data above marketing to entail customer service and care
  • Public relation
  • Sales
  • Development
  • Research
  • Brand management

It enables marketers to build consumer-marketer interrelationships, promoting solid, long-term, and meaningful engagements between the parties. The journey based on social media analytics also would allow brands to access demanding consumers and offer satisfactory services.

It Enlarges the Brand’s Marketing Framework

The journey is a typical consumer experience unbound to a silo but forms a part of a robust marketing framework. Moreover, social media analytics is an auxiliary to extensively offering a variety of touch-points visible to a brand, enabling it to integrate and enforce. Social media insights are vital to a brand’s marketing model and must combine appropriately with the journey. It must capture and conglomerate relevant data for the brand’s development, supply chain, and commercial teams.

Facilitates Market Reach through Consumer Retention and Referrals

Organizations can use the journey to meet the consumers’ preferences and expectations by offering them customized value-based experiences. Consequently, the brand manages to uphold its satisfied and loyal customers. Moreover, the customers will be prompted to refer the brand to their friends, colleagues, and families, besides providing positive reviews and advocating for the organization on social media platforms. 

Enables the Organization to Learn the Consumers’ Language

To interpret the data gathered through customer engagement, reviews, feedback, and other sources, brands must first understand the language used by patients. Use sentiment classification to understand patient involvement better, pinpoint problem areas, and map out effective strategies.

NetBase Quid’s a consumer and market insight platform that is built on cutting-edge research technology, enabling brands to collect data at any given patients stage of their admired journey.

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