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4 Ways to Style a Men’s Tennis Bracelet

Most of you have always thought of a diamond tennis bracelet as an accessory for women, which is somewhat true, given its history. These intricately detailed jewelry pieces look gorgeous around a woman’s wrist. But have you ever considered the idea that men could wear it too?

Well, yes, they can!

Simple jewelry pieces like diamond studs or tennis bracelets are a few trinkets men can adorn. These items may have taken different forms over the years, but they have always existed. And it is about time men owned up to their styling and tried a few new ways to style a tennis bracelet.

So, if you were searching for the perfect guide to help style a bracelet without overdoing it, you have just landed at the right spot.

Do Men Wear Bracelets?

Oh yes, absolutely! Bracelet is the most straightforward jewelry piece you can style, and men wear it occasionally and they don’t always have to be heavy bands. Sometimes, a simple leather bracelet or a silver chain with a few charms can do the trick.

Men can also wear other types of jewelry like a diamond chain or earrings as per their choice.

They look pretty nice and do pump up the style quotient for men. But the key to wearing the perfect tennis bracelet is effortlessness. The bracelet shouldn’t feel like a forced accessory. Instead, it should incorporate into your outfit as smoothly as possible.

That is why we are here to discuss different tips for styling a bracelet.

Things to Consider When Buying a Tennis Bracelet

Before we can move on to the tips, here are a few things you must consider when buying a tennis bracelet.

  • choose your style
  • fitting and proportion
  • know where you are headed

You must consider these three basic things before buying a diamond tennis bracelet. Since there are plenty of designs and styles available, even in tennis bracelets, the choice can be a bit hard, but we suggest you opt for something as minimal as possible.

The first step, however, should always be to inspect the stone. You should understand the factors that determine diamonds’ real value. 

Determining a diamond’s worth becomes more important while exploring lab-grown diamonds. Since lab-grown diamonds are produced artificially, you need an expert’s opinion (a certificate) to validate their true value. 

Secondly, pick the right material that goes well with the chosen diamonds. Gold, platinum, silver, and copper, etc are being used to create the chain that holds all those small diamonds together. You can pick and choose according to the shape, color, and size of the diamonds.

An easier way would be to find a reliable diamond supplier with an excellent reputation. They will help you choose the right diamond tennis bracelet according to your requirements.

4 Ways to Style a Men’s Tennis Bracelet

Instagram and Pinterest make styling seem smooth and easy. But it isn’t in real life. You put one step of the line and could quickly become embarrassed about how your jewelry looks. So, when you’re putting on a bracelet, ensure you follow these styling tips.

  1. Keep it Simple

The number one tip we can give all the men out here who want to style a diamond tennis bracelet would be to keep it simple and as minimal as possible.

Your jewelry and dressing come down to a solid balance. For example, your wrist is the two sides of a scale, and one should be heavier than the other. This is known as visual weight.

You wouldn’t want to wear all your bracelets on one wrist while the other is left empty.

You also don’t need them to be heavily loaded unless you’re going for a chains and shackles vibe. So, keep it minimal and always look in the mirror before leaving your home. Assess yourself and take a jewelry piece off if it feels too much.

  1. Go Solo

The easiest way to style a tennis bracelet is by going solo. Diamond tennis bracelets look ethereal and stunning all on their own. You don’t have to pair them with any other jewelry piece if you don’t want them because they will still look good.

So, if you want to wear a statement piece, only put a single bracelet on your wrist. On the other hand, if you wear a watch religiously, you may wear it on the other wrist to maintain balance. This way, your outfit won’t be overdone, and your bracelet will still be able to make its impression.

  1. Stack Them Up

If you are a fan of those rugged Pinterest look that creates a raw vibe off of men, you should think about stacking your tennis bracelet with other bands.

Open your drawer and take out all your bracelets. Start matching different textures and materials together and create a stack of bracelets. Of course, you can always add a bit of leather for a raw vibe to style your bracelet.

For more personality, you can wear a chain that matches your tennis bracelet to complete the look. Also, if you’re going to stack up bracelets, then lose the watch.

  1. Wear with a Watch

Lastly, just because we asked you to lose your watch in our last suggestion doesn’t mean you cannot pair your bracelet with a watch. In fact, some of the latest tennis bracelets look stunning when matched with a wristwatch.

If you’re going to a business meeting or a formal event, wearing a tennis bracelet on the same wrist as your watch can be a style statement. But for this to work, you must ensure the metal of your bracelet and watch are both similar.

This will create coherence between your jewelry pieces, and you can flaunt your favorite trinkets effortlessly. You can also invest in a diamond wristwatch if you have the budget. Lab-grown diamonds are trending these days; they look pretty impressive on a wrist.

Final Verdict

You may have thought that styling a men’s tennis bracelet would be a lot of labor, but it’s not that challenging. You just have to know which tennis bracelet to choose and then wear it according to the occasion.

Always style your bracelet according to the outfit you have chosen to wear. For example, you cannot walk inside a client meeting with your wrist stacked up with bracelets, all while you’re wearing a suit. This will make you look entirely out of place.

Try to look trendy yet modern and classy. Dress according to the occasion, match your jewelry, and style your bracelet according to the outfit. If you follow these tips religiously, your style can never go wrong.

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