Top 7 Best Course For Teachers in India


Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. It’s also a job that many people get, but not all of them are good at it. If you want to become a teacher, there are many different ways that you can do so. Some people prefer going through an education program and getting their degree, while others may prefer taking classes or courses over time instead while teaching. There are plenty of courses out there that will help train you for this career path. 

Here is a list of the 7 most popular teaching degree courses in India:


B.Ed is a two-year course that teaches you about teaching methods, psychology and child development. You will learn how to teach in different classrooms and environments, as well as how children learn best.

The government of India has listed this degree as a mandatory requirement if you want to become a teacher. This rule is especially important if you want to teach in a government school at the primary and secondary level. The minimum eligibility to apply for a B.Ed course is a graduation degree from a recognized university with 50%-55% of marks. 

MA (Education)

Most people often confuse M.A. (Education) and M.Ed. They tend to use it interchangeably, while the fact remains that both these courses are distinctly different. One of the chief differences is that M.A. (Education) is not a professional degree like M.A. (Education). The latter 

M.A. Education is a more research centric degree where students study and develop new methods of teaching. Those with this degree can easily apply for a teaching job and also administrative jobs in a school. 

The eligibility for a postgraduate degree in Education is a bachelor’s degree from any stream with minimum 5-%-55% of marks. 

Montessori Teacher Training

Montessori teacher training diploma course. It focuses on basic lessons in Montessori methodology, child development and special needs teaching.This course also trains learners about children with special needs.

Montessori teacher training programs are offered by many universities throughout India. These days, you can also do this course online. This training is perfect for those looking to become early childhood educators. The eligibility for this amazing teacher training program is higher secondary education, which makes it a great option for aspiring teachers. 


B.El.Ed is a four-year degree course, which is an undergraduate degree in India. It is one of the most reputed teacher training courses in India. However, as the name suggests, B.El.Ed. only trains learners in elementary education. 

Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) is a 4-year degree course that aims at imparting knowledge about child development through classroom pedagogy via systematic methods of teaching with emphasis on holistic learning process rather than just being concerned about passing exams alone.

Learners for this program need to have a minimum of 45%-55% marks in their higher secondary education to be eligible to apply. 


D. El. Ed is a two-year full-time degree course. It is a government approved course, which is great for those who do not want to commit 4 years to get an undergraduate degree in elementary education.

D.El.Ed has always been a go-to alternative to B.Ed for students who wish to become a teacher and gain practical experience before committing full-time to teaching. The eligibility for this course is a higher secondary education with minimum 50% marks. 


PgCTL is one of the best teacher training courses that has become hugely popular lately. This course is ideal for both aspiring and in-service teachers. This course is especially designed to prepare teachers for the 21-st century classrooms that use a combination of technology and innovative pedagogy. 

This course is an industry-recognised and globally accredited qualification that has been approved by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (UK Ofqual) and awarded by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai, UAE.

So, this one is a perfect choice for those of you who want to teach abroad. 

Basic Teacher Training

Basic Teacher Training course is a two-year program that you can take to become an elementary school or early childhood teacher in the education sector. This course is more focused to create teachers for the pre-primary and primary sections. Some learners also opt to build a career as tuition teachers or open their own private coaching centres after completing their basic teacher training course. 

The minimum qualification for this course is a graduate degree with at least 45%-55% marks. 

Summing Up

Teaching is no longer just a career choice that one can take lightly. Modern education of the 21st century demands highly-skilled teachers who are updated with the latest technology and pedagogy. So, teachers today need to be qualified to begin their careers in this profession. In case you’re still not certain which course to pick, you want to reach out to a Suraasa mentor and get a free counselling session to help you find the right program. 


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