MH CET Preparation Strategy

Are you planning to pursue a degree course in engineering, management, law, or pharmacy in Maharashtra? If yes, then MH CET is an important entrance exam for you. However, it is considered one of the most difficult and biggest exams in the country. The level of difficulty of the exam is often compared to JEE main. Besides that, lakhs of individuals appear for the exam every year. That makes the exam even more competitive and tough. So, to ace the exam, you would require a well-designed preparation strategy. 

Here are some effective preparation strategies that can help you crack the MH-CET entrance exam with ease. 

  • Know the Syllabus 

The first thing every student preparing for the MH-CET exam must do is to download the syllabus and go through it carefully. The subjects that you will have to prepare for the exam include mathematics, chemistry, and physics. The syllabus consists of all the important chapters of these subjects you have learned in classes 9 and 10. 

Knowing the exact topics you need to cover can enhance your overall preparation and guide you on the right path. A detailed understanding of the syllabus will also allow you to decide how much time to give to each of the topics and divide your time wisely. In addition to the syllabus, you must also get an understanding of the exam pattern of MH-CET. 

  • Design a TimeTable

Once you have clarity of the syllabus and exam pattern, the next thing to focus on is the timetable. Without a timetable, you may not get the seriousness to prepare for the MH-CET exam. In your timetable, mention the number of hours you will be studying in a day and the subjects you will cover. 

Make sure to assign slots to each of the subjects on a daily basis. If you are very weak in a specific subject, you can devote more time to that. Keep the timetable in front of you on your study table. It will help you in staying motivated and goal-oriented all the time. Also, ensure to follow the timetable diligently. 

  • Get a Stronghold on Basics

Without getting the basics of the topics, it is just not possible to master the subject matter. So, you need to focus on gaining clarity on the fundamental concepts of different topics. When you know the basic concepts well, you can easily answer any level of question on those topics. Students with a stronghold on the fundamentals have more chances of cracking the MH-CET exam successfully.

  • Take Breaks

Preparing for the MH-CET exam does not mean you have to study continuously without any breaks. Not taking breaks can affect your concentration level and lead to fatigue. You may not be able to grasp things effectively. That is why breaks are an important part of your MH-CET preparation strategy. Take short breaks to get rid of your boredom and feel refreshed. This will enable you to focus better and encourage you to study longer.

  • Mock Tests and Sample Papers

Want to get a realistic feeling before the exam day? You can try taking the mock tests. Take as many mock tests as possible. It will help you get familiarized with the type and pattern of questions of the MH-CET exam. Moreover, it will also help you pinpoint your strong and weak areas. 

You will also gain insights into your ability to manage time properly while giving the tests. All these can help you work on your weak points and improve them before the actual exam day. Practising the sample papers will also enable you to analyse your preparation level. TopRankers provides Free mock tests for these types of exams. Go check their website for more information.

  • Revise

Revising all the concepts is something you must not forget. While studying for the MH-CET exam, you can make it a habit to prepare short notes. It will make your revision easier. Revising everything you have studied will help in avoiding nervousness and make you more confident about cracking the exam.


In addition to these tips, focusing on your physical and mental health is equally important. That is why you must consider getting proper sleep, eating healthy, and staying fit. The MH-CET entrance exam is difficult and competitive in nature. But with the right preparation, cracking the exam is possible. Leverage these preparation tips and increase your chances of acing the exam.  

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