How to Get Dua and Way of Namaz in Easy Way?

To get the most from your namaz and dua, you need to know the basics. In this article we will look at the way to make dua and the way to recite Fatiha. It is also important to know the current events and make dua with specific intent.

How to Recite Tasmiah?

If you want to learn how to recite Tasmia, there are several ways you can go about it. The first way is to sit in the qibla direction, which means you face the Qibla. Then, you should begin your recitation by reciting the Tauz, which means “from the heavens.”

How to Recite Fatiha?

The recitation of Dua and Fatiha is an important part of the Islamic religion. These prayers can make a great impact on Allah and create a deep connection with Him. However, they are not always accepted, especially if the wording or actions are wrong or if the dua is considered Haram. To help you learn how to recite them properly, we have prepared a few easy steps for you.

First of all, you must know the rules and order of reciting Fatiha. It should be recited after a meal. The ibaadats of Fatiha are: 1 and 4.

How to Make Dua in Namaz?

One of the most important ways to please Allah is to make dua. A dua is a prayer of invocation and supplication. It is a heartfelt plea that is made to Allah to solve a particular problem. Muslims around the world make dua for specific situations.

Show Profound Humility

The right way to make dua is to show profound humility. A Muslim should speak to Allah in a low voice and in a humble tone. During the dua, the speaker should describe the situation and what they want from Allah. It is best to speak to Allah as if you are talking to a friend. Make sure to be exact in your words and the tone of your voice.

Whenever making dua, a Muslim must have the best intentions. For example, if they are asking Allah for more money, they should intend to spend it on the poor and on relatives. The Muslim must make dua with a sincere heart and believe that Allah will answer them in the way they desire.

How to Make Ibadah & Get the Dua in an Easy Way?

If you want to learn how to make ibadah and get the dua in an easy way, you need to understand some fundamentals. Firstly, you need to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life. It is very important to be thankful for everything, including your money. It is also recommended to write down your blessings in a gratitude journal.


Secondly, you need to know the correct time to make ibadah. A good example is when you are doing an aqiqa. The Imam used to recite this prayer as he offered Aqiqa sacrifice.

Salah is an essential part of the Muslim religion. The majority of Muslims perform Salah, and there are five times a day that are obligatory. Holy Prophet Mohammed, a great example of the importance of Salah, taught and demonstrated its steps and the importance of completing each prayer in the correct manner. The Holy Prophet also modeled specific supplications, and he regularly prayed at the same time as his followers.

Yoga & Salah

Yoga and salah have many parallels. Yoga, an ancient Hindu form of physical acts and meditation, has been known for thousands of years and is an extremely popular fitness practice. Both yoga and salah are highly beneficial to the body and are considered a healthy lifestyle practice.

The first step to making dua is to acknowledge Allah’s might and give thanks to Him for all He has done for us. Next, it is necessary to know the correct duas. You should make duas that are acceptable to Allah and do not require anyone to intercede for you.

Important to Remember

When you pray, it is important to remember that Allah is all-powerful, and he answers all duas. If you have any doubt, pray istikhara to ask Allah to make your duas come true. Remember that duas should cover all aspects of your life, so make sure to use Quran duas and sunnah duas. For example, if you have an ailing friend, you can ask Allah to help him/her.

Salatul Ibrahimiyyah & Tasleem

It is important to remember that dua and namaz are part of the same prayer. During salah, you must stand while saying the Salatul Ibrahimiyyah and Tasleem. You should do this while looking to your right shoulder and your left shoulder. After that, you should recite the Names and Attributes of Allah the Merciful.

Final Thoughts:

Before dua, you should make sure that you have a clear idea of the time of dua and namaz. The time for prayer varies among Muslims, so make sure to approach it with humility, clarity, and submission.

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