What To Look For When Buying Caravan Annex Flooring?

Having the proper size flooring for a mobile annex is similar to getting the right size shoes or apparel. Nothing should be too huge or too tiny. Flooring that is too long will curl up within closed annexes, while flooring that is too short will detract from the overall appearance while falling short of its original purpose. Camping equipment specialists list matting and flooring in small, medium, and big sizes. That equates to 3.4, 4.3, and 6.1 meters in length, with a normal width of about 2.4 meters for all sorts. If you only have the awning extended, you may go with something a little larger to maximize the useful area. Sizing will be directly proportional to the size of the caravan or motorhome, so take measurements to determine what best meets your needs.


Breathable flooring and gazebo matting must be used in annexes and awnings. For this reason, most campgrounds prohibit the use of tarps or shade screens. They destroy the grass beneath. Caravan annex flooring is meant to be permeable, allowing the sunshine in while wicking away any water, sand, or grime accumulated during a day of swimming, sunbathing, or other outdoor activities. When you go inside, you won’t be contaminating the caravan. Furthermore, you can stay outside in short bursts of rain without getting your feet wet.

The Surface Is Comfortable And Non-Slip

Because of the breathability, any water just drops through and the flooring remains dry. This, along with rough surfaces, guarantees that no unintentional slides occur, which may otherwise spoil a camping vacation. Surfaces must also be pleasant without collecting too much heat from the sun while keeping feet dry on the moist ground below. The easiest way to determine durability and ease of maintenance is to have your children try it out before purchasing.

Mats that refuse to budge after being repeatedly pummeled by campers, furniture, and everything else you use outside are on everyone’s list. Premature tearing and fraying are common problems, as is fading from prolonged sun exposure. Look for rip-stop fabrics, reinforced edges, and many D-rings and pegs to uniformly distribute the mat across uneven ground. Higher expensive models can accommodate more foot frequency as well as more weight.

In terms of upkeep, opt for multi-layered synthetic materials that simply require a fast hosing down to remove all dirt, grass, or sand. Even the largest flooring mats require only a few minutes of washing before they can be packed.


When it comes to materials, there are two alternatives. Foamed PVC flooring is lightweight, comfy, and easy on the feet, with a soft but gripping surface. It smoothes down the ground beneath to provide a velvety impression. It does not rip or tear easily and keeps in place even when not pegged. Furthermore, because PVC annex floor matting is permeable, it is suitable for all campsites. The best aspect is that it is inexpensive to purchase.

If you camp frequently, you should choose the most durable material available. Multi-layered synthetic Quality Caravan mats have a high-density weave that allows sand, mud, and water to fall and remain down. Top layer of the mat is made of a soft material that is kind on the skin while still being sturdy enough to endure UV radiation and avoid tearing and fraying. These mats are a little heavier than PVC foam flooring, with the biggest weighing just under 10 kilograms, which means they’re more solid once installed. The weaving pattern simplifies cleaning and upkeep.

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