Signs That You Need Ducted Air Conditioning Servicing

You’re heating and cooling system, like any other mechanical system or device, requires regular air conditioning servicing, repairs, and maintenance if you want to keep it working at peak performance for years to come.

In general, the more complicated the maintenance, service, or repair, the larger and more sophisticated the item or appliance in the issue.

This is especially true with ducted air conditioning in Brisbane.

Ducted air conditioning systems are the most powerful on the market, but they are also the most sophisticated, particularly commercial ducted systems.

And this has certain distinct service requirements as compared to a simpler split system.

What Kinds Of Issues May Your Ducted Air Conditioner Encounter?

While ducted air conditioning systems are larger and more sophisticated, there are a few difficulties that apply to all types of Brisbane air conditioners, ducted or not.

This includes concerns like:

  • Electrical issues
  • Leaks of refrigerant
  • Problems with drainage

While the underlying issue remains the same, the solution differs because of the increased size and complexity of a ducted system.

It necessitates the use of a crew that specializes in ducted air conditioner repairs in Brisbane.

Of course, that’s not why you’ve come here. No, you want to know about some problems that only impact ducted air conditioning systems.

In addition to “normal” (for lack of a better phrase) air conditioning difficulties, ducted air conditioning repair involves a range of unique challenges that you won’t encounter if your home is equipped with a smaller air conditioner.

The Ductwork That Is Torn Or Damaged

After all, the term implies that ducting is essential to ducted air conditioning.

You won’t have a very pleasant house or office without the ductwork in your ducted air conditioning system.

Depending on the system, these ducts are composed of different materials; for example, commercial ducted air conditioning frequently employs metal ducts, but home and smaller enterprises frequently use pliable plastic or rubber.

Insulation Problems

While the distance may not appear to be significant in the broad scheme of things, the truth is that large distances immediately translate to more cooling being lost.

Your ceiling space retains heat throughout the summer. Of course, you don’t see it because of your ducted air conditioning, but it’s there.

This heat frequently transfers into your cooling ducts, warming up your chilly air.

To avoid this, duct insulation is placed together with your air conditioner ducts. However, faults with this insulation allow heat to escape and enter your ducts, causing your system to run inefficiently and take longer to cool your house.

Filters And Ducts That Are Clogged And Unclean

Okay, so this isn’t a problem peculiar to ducted air conditioning. After all, dust and debris may sneak into any size of air conditioning in Brisbane.

The distinction is in how it is fixed.

The filter in a split system air conditioner commonly clogs. These filters are rather simple to reach; simply remove the covering on the indoor unit.

As a result, they are much more difficult to access and need the assistance of an air conditioning expert with considerable experience maintaining and repairing ducted air conditioner Brisbane.

Small Duct Air Conditioning System Issues

These systems are becoming more common in Brisbane homes because of their: 

  • Versatility (they can be put where standard ducted conditioning would not fit)
  • More powerful cooling (thanks to the Venturi effect)
  • More energy-efficient than standard ducted A/C

Of course, being less frequent comes with a few drawbacks, including:

  1. Not all Brisbane air conditioning companies have worked with them before.
  2. Fewer people carry the tools and components required to undertake a repair.

When it comes to tiny duct air conditioning, Cool Times is at the forefront. Unlike most other air conditioning businesses, we can not only install SDS air conditioning but also service and repair it.

If you’re employing this revolutionary ducted air conditioning invention, we recommend getting in contact with Cool Times!

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