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What Is a Family Tree and What Are The Different Types of Family Trees

One of the best ways to remember your ancestors and family members is through a family tree. Family trees are by far the best way to keep a record of who we belong to and how did we come to this place. You can look back and trace your physical attributes to a particular family member. This gives you a sense of belongingness.

In simple language, the family tree is a diagram that depicts the relationships of several people within the family and in several generations of the same family. If you are looking for family tree templates available for free, then you must consider Record Click Professional Genealogists got you covered. 

They offer a wide variety of free PDF templates of family trees. You can choose any of them and then get a print of that tree and fill in the details at your convenience. They have a huge variety to choose from and they would not disappoint you when choosing between the different family trees. On the other hand, if you have poor writing or want a more professional-looking tree, they got you covered. 

You can purchase their customizable family tree drafts and then edit them with the help of Canva. While filling the family tree, you must remember that there is a measure that you need to take. The first step towards filling the family tree is to gather all the information about the members that you want to include in the tree. 

If there is a major event or date which is attributed to any of the family members, then that too shall be included. Other relevant information includes the date of birth, place of birth, marriage date, etc. one of the reasons for creating a family tree is to keep the children in touch with their roots and origin. They must not get distant from their own family. 

Types of Family trees

1- Three generation family tree – as the name suggests, this is a family tree which contains only three generations of a family. This family tree includes the grandparents, parents, and children. 

2- Family tree layout – this family tree allows you to place the family in order and aesthetically. Such family trees are usually showcased in displays. 

3- Genogram family tree – this type of family tree allows you to make a diagram in which, the relationships of all the relatives are shown. It is very useful for medical purposes as it permits the professionals to get an idea of the health conditions of the family members. 

4- Four generation family tree – this type of family tree is essential for studying the heredity conditions which run in the family. These designs are also made for medicinal uses as medical professionals use them to trace any medical history in the patient. 

5- Photo family tree – a photo family tree allows you to add photos of the family members. It is a great way to remember them.


Family tree plays an important role in the life of a person as it gives them a sense of belonging to the family.

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