What Are the Benefits of a Dual Facing Dash Camera?

Undoubtedly, technology has revolutionised the way we live today. Who thought we would have access to all the information around us at our fingertips? In fact, it is now available on voice command. And one of the industries that have been at the forefront of technological advancements is the automobile. 

From cutting-edge features and sensor-based technology to GPS tracking and security systems, owners can now equip their cars with the latest technology and enjoy driving comfortably. One such critical device that is rising in importance is the dash camera. 

As the name suggests, it is a camera mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard to record anything happening on the road during a journey. Nowadays, commercial fleet vehicles are adopting dual-facing dash cameras as they have an inward lens that captures inside the cabin/behind the wheel. Moreover, they come with a wide-angle view, capturing the full-width of the road and surroundings. 

Whether it is a car owner or fleet manager, dual-facing cameras offer plenty of benefits that foster safer driving and lessen accidents. Let’s see how!

Proof of Evidence

The most obvious benefit of a dual-facing dash camera is that it provides solid and unbiased proof of evidence. Similar to a CCTV camera, you can view the dash camera footage of a critical incident. For example, even though truck drivers are not at fault, they are blamed for accidents. Since dual-facing cameras record inside and outside the vehicle footage, you can defend your driver and company by showing the footage. 

Moreover, the UK accepts video footage of a dash camera as legal evidence in a court of law, making it easy for you to fight legal battles.

Reduce Accidents

80% of accidents that occur are due to some human distraction. Not to forget that post-accident investigations are pretty rough when insurance companies and local enforcement agencies are trying to figure out the cause of the accident. However, dual-facing cameras can calm the situation as the video footage can tell whether the driver was distracted when the accident occurred. 

Further, cutting-edge dual-facing dash cameras come with AI sensors that can detect if the driver is tired, distracted, or sleepy and alert both the driver and fleet manager. This way, if drivers are not in the best driving state, the camera can alert them to take a break or pull the vehicle aside. The in-built GPS chip and AI algorithms monitor risky driving behaviour such as excessive speeding, hard braking, cornering, etc. The camera will notify the fleet manager about such habits, along with video footage, helping them improve unsafe driving behaviour. 

Thanks to the live streaming feature of the dash cam, car owners can remotely view such actions in real-time. They can then pinpoint drivers on such driving habits and improve their driving skills, fostering the safety of everyone. 

Protection against Fraudulent Claims

Nowadays, many thieves and criminals resort to crash-for-cash scams as they can emotionally play with victims and earn plenteous money. They typically stage an accident in such a way that makes it look like it happened because of your driver. But with the advent of dual-facing dash cameras, you can show video footage to safeguard your drivers from such fraudulent claims and take action against criminals. 

The criminals might blame the driver’s distraction for the accident. That’s when the inside-the-cabin video footage proves valuable as it can clearly show drivers’ driving behaviour during the accident. 

Reduced Insurance Claims

Insurance companies can take substantial time to pay our claims when there is no evidence during accidents and collisions. Dual-facing cameras quickly solve this problem as video footage can clearly show what happened on the road or inside the cabin, accelerating the entire process of insurance claims. 

In fact, insurance agencies in the UK and Canada are offering discounts to fleet companies and car owners that equip their vehicles with dash cameras. You can save valuable time and money during the insurance claim process as dash camera footage quickly proves it is black or white. 

View and Access Video Footage Anytime

Dual-facing cameras now have the feature to view and access the footage on its supported mobile app. If you wish to access important footage, you can log into the app and view it anytime, on the go. Earlier, dash cameras would record the footage on an SD card that typically has limited storage space. However, with 4 G-connected dash cameras, the video footage is recorded and stored directly on the cloud. 

You can store endless high-quality video clips without the fear of losing or anyone fabricating the data. Moreover, recorded video footage is integrated with the location tracking data, which means you can view everything in one place, on-demand, and anytime you need.

Summing Up

Whether it is having evidence or improving driving behaviour, dual-facing dash cameras offer unparalleled benefits. You don’t need technical knowledge to install a camera; it is as easy as using suction cups or adhesive attachments to fix a dash camera inside the vehicle. Sit back and enjoy the benefits!

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