How Brands Succeed on Reddit

Being successful in a brand requires lots of determination and hard work. In that case, social media can play a crucial role in promoting any brand. When thinking about social platforms, some popular platforms may come to mind: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. 

Most of us usually forget about Reddit, which also plays a vital role in marketing a brand. In general, it is one of the most underutilized and largest social media marketing platforms that ranks at #6 (USA), and #17 (globally) visited websites. 

Through this platform, the most prominent brands, such as Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop, and Spotify, successfully gain the attention of vast audiences. Have you ever wondered about how brands succeed on Reddit? In general, succeeding in a brand on reddit requires following some tricks, which will be discussed in this context.

How Does Reddit Actually Work?

Having brand popularity, Reddit can be a trump card for any business. However, before exploring how brands succeed on Reddit, let’s know how it actually works.


Subreddits are usually called forums on the Reddit platform, where users can talk about different topics. It is like one kind of page on Facebook. Currently, Reddit has millions of threads known as subreddits, which allow other users to subscribe to see the discussion topics on their homepage. 

Once you have a large subscriber base on your subreddit, you can reach more users. However, it will be difficult to get subscribers for a new subreddit. In that case, it would be better to boost subscribers to reach a vast number of Reddit users.

Reddit Karma 

There are two types of Karma you will find on Reddit. One is for posts, and the other is for comments. Karma usually helps in describing how many scores you have on Reddit. Besides, you can easily explore how much other users like to upvote your posts on Reddit with Karma.


Reddit allows users to downvote or upvote a post. When you open any post, you will see an up and a down arrow with numbers representing how many downvotes and upvotes a post gets. These two things play an important function in altering the post’s visibility.  

If a post gets more downvotes than upvotes, the post’s visibility will decrease rapidly, while upvotes help to increase visibility. So, you should apply all the tricks to increase reddit upvotes to boost your post’s visibility. This will ensure a vast number of Reddit users will see your post on their homepage.

Reddit Gold

Reddit Gold is actually a paid feature that is only accessible from premium accounts. It is a form of paid thank you, which can be sent to a user for posts based on consistent posting. This will help users appreciate good work on Reddit. However, when a post gets the gold award, it will be visible and receive more upvotes.

How Brands Succeed on Reddit?

Reddit can be a game changer in increasing the popularity of any brand. Prominent brands now succeed on Reddit by following the right tricks. Here we have talked about the techniques by which popular brands succeed on Reddit.

Encourage Users Submission

Reddit is a big platform for interacting with millions of people. There are thousands of subreddits on this platform to discuss together and create different communities. 

Brands usually take advantage of these communities to reach a vast number of people. They target audiences who are not aware of their brands, along with those who are already in touch. This way, the brand can make tons of people interested in its services or products.

Post Mindful Content

It can’t be described how important posts are to making a brand popular. Posting mindful content helps to advertise and spread useful information about a brand. 

This way, the brand attracts potential audiences, which helps to make the brand popular. However, while posting content on Reddit, brands actually ensure the viewers’ satisfaction and needs, so that the viewers also work as marketers to promote the brand.

Creating Networks

Brands that succeed on Reddit usually create different subreddits following the right strategy to build a strong network. They target people who need or are looking for the brand’s services or products. That’s why brands create subreddits with a common name and post good-quality content with images. 

Besides, they ensure all the subreddit links have common navigation so that followers are redirected to another subreddit on a similar topic. This way, they create an active Reddit community with large followers.

News And Calendar

To succeed on Reddit, brands always make sure to inform users about the latest news and upcoming events. It’s like a movie where the upcoming trailer and release date inform the audience before releasing the movie, so they can’t wait for it to come out. 

The same goes for promoting any brand on Reddit. Brands usually keep informing their audience of every single piece of information about their products or services.

Arrange Interviews

Performing interviews on Reddit helps to grow the community that brings all together. It is obvious that when you communicate with your audience, you can interact with them properly. 

This way, you can make the targeted users feel like they are part of the brand. Following this strategy, different brands usually try to keep audiences’ attention. This helps a brand to create a strong memory of its service among a large audience. 

What Are The Challenges Of Promoting A Brand On Reddit?

It can’t be denied that Reddit is a perfect platform for brands to engage with audiences. Unfortunately, you can’t reach users and expected traction on Reddit like on any other social media platform. It will be quite challenging to gain the audience’s trust since Reddit has a lively community with complex social values. 

Although some other social media will allow you to keep the audience’s attention easily, even if you don’t follow the right strategy, Reddit requires following the proper strategy. Otherwise, you will be banned from Reddit or get downvotes for your posted content. 

In general, Reddit doesn’t have any problems with promoting any brand, but you will need to focus on community relationships. Once you can build a good relationship with audiences and communities, promoting your brand will be easier for you.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Reddit

Reddit makes brand promotion easier than before, but raises different queries among users. For that, some frequently asked questions have been answered here. You may find the answers here that you’re looking for.

  1. Will Reddit Be Good For Brand Promotion?

Reddit has 52 million daily active users. So, promoting your brand on Reddit will let you reach a large audience easily. It will allow you to engage specific groups of users to promote your brand.

  1. Can I Make Money From Reddit?

Yes, you can earn money from Reddit. Although Reddit doesn’t pay you directly, there are several options to earn money. For example, you can complete any other users’ tasks to get paid or make money by driving traffic to any business. It is also possible to make money by promoting brands on Reddit.

  1. Is Reddit Safe For Brand Promotion?

Yes, Reddit is completely safe to use for brand promotion. Its strong security won’t pass your information to any third party for advertising purposes. Besides, Reddit will monitor all angles of your account to provide maximum security. If something is found suspicious on your account, you will get red flags on certain problems to take necessary action.

  1. Is There Any Age Limit For Using Reddit?

According to the Reddit agreement, users under 13 years are not permitted to use this platform. This is because younger teens are at risk from predators, dangerous online challenges, misinformation, and data leaks on Reddit. 


Hopefully, you might have understood how brands succeed on Reddit. In general, the main reason behind being successful on Reddit is following the proper techniques. The techniques will help a brand reach a large number of people.  

Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of these techniques, which cause failure to make a brand successful on Reddit. However, we have explained all the techniques that successful brands follow. 

From now on, you may not have to experience any problems promoting your brand on Reddit. If you follow the techniques discussed above properly, you can easily engage with more people to know your brand.

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