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Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney Raises $15M in Series A Funding

Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney has raised $15 million in a Series A led by Pantera Capital. We’ve got the details and also comment. 0x Labs is raising the money to support its growing business. The company is looking to build a scalable, global mobile software company.

Round of Equity Funding

Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney, the company behind the 0x exchange protocol and also ZRX token, has raised $15M in its Series A round of equity funding. Pantera Capital is the lead investor in the round. The startup plans to use the funds to expand globally and also build its trading desk business. It also plans to expand the 0x Protocol, the open-source global backbone for decentralized exchanges.

Investment Firm

Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney is an investment firm that focuses on blockchain technology, digital currency and crypto assets. It has already invested in Balancer and has been vocal about Bitcoin’s potential. Pantera has even predicted a bull market for Bitcoin as early as September 2020. And it has no plans to stop its investment strategy. It will continue to focus on decentralized product offerings.

Two Products

0x Protocol has two products: a decentralized exchange API for developers, and a platform for aggregating liquidity from other DEXs. Combined, the two products have a combined volume of $2.8 billion in six months. 0x Protocol has also partnered with MetaMask, a digital asset platform. The company has already received funding for their Matcha platform, which has generated $2.8 billion worth of trades in just six months.

0x has already supported seven major blockchains and 3.5M+ users. It is the default protocol for decentralized exchanges and also has allowed more than $158B in tokenized value to flow across 43 million trades. It also supports all of the major wallets and apps on the market.

Ethereum Platform

The 15m series capitalmcsweener protocol allows developers to write smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. These contracts are used to automatically execute code in a decentralized environment. For example, a smart contract can handle a trade between two parties without requiring the developer’s involvement. This allows the entire network to benefit. This protocol can also be used to build decentralized exchanges.

Protocol Infrastructure

As part of their development, 0x Labs is also developing tools to make blockchain technology easy for developers. Its platform allows developers to build their own in-app marketplace and decentralized exchange using the 0x Protocol infrastructure. Ultimately, 0x is hoping to expand its peer-to-peer NFT trading protocol and launch a decentralized exchange with 50% lower transaction fees.

With this money, 0x Labs plans to expand globally. The company will also develop a trading desk and professional aggregation service to meet the needs of its users. Moreover, 0x Labs has developed an API that is used to power popular exchange apps, including ShapeShift, MetaMask, and Zapper.

Peer-to-Peer Trading

The 0x Protocol provides peer-to-peer trading on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains. It is also used by Coinbase’s NFT marketplace.

The 0x Labs 15m series capitalmcsweeney protocol is a decentralized open source protocol. Its mission is to introduce blockchain technology to the financial services industry. It aims to build a more inclusive financial system and empower anyone to build financial applications.

Pantera Labs 15m Series and Centaur Labs 15m Series

The startup behind the decentralized exchange protocol, Pantera Labs, has just raised $15 million in a new Series A equity round led by Pantera Capital. This funding will help Pantera Labs accelerate its global expansion plans. It will also help the company build out its team and also infrastructure. Read on to learn more about the startup’s new funding round.


Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney, the decentralized exchange protocol startup, has raised $15 million in a Series A equity round led by Pantera Capital. This funding will help Pantera accelerate its global expansion plans and also continue to develop its team and infrastructure. The company also plans to expand its decentralized exchange API, which powers MetaMask and ShapeShift.

Pantera has also invested in 0x Labs, the company behind the ZRX token and decentralized exchange protocol. The two firms announced a $15 million Series A equity round in late August. 0x Labs’ Matcha router, which launched last June, has already processed more than $2.7 billion in trades. The startup is now looking to expand internationally and also will use the funds to build out a trading desk business and a professional aggregation service. It will also work to expand the open source protocol that powers ShapeShift, MetaMask, Zapper, and also other services.

Centaur Labs

Centaur Labs specializes in improving the quality of healthcare data through the use of “artificial intelligence.” This company’s algorithms are based on large data sets and “deep learning” techniques that train machines to distinguish between good and bad information. It has raised $15 million in venture funding, led by Matrix Partners and other funds.


Labs 15m Series CapitalMcsweeney technology is designed to help doctors understand and interpret clinical data. This is made possible through its network of expert physicians. These physicians annotate cases for Centaur using an iOS app called DiagnosUs. They earn points by labeling the medical images, and also the most accurate labelers win cash prizes. Centaur collects multiple opinions for each case, and intelligently blends the various opinions into labels. This allows doctors to make a diagnosis quicker and more accurately.

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