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Comparing Innago and AppFolio

In recent years, many landlords have converted to property management software for their daily tasks. Software is designed to save you time, money, and energy on the tedious legwork that you need to complete for your business.

Choosing the right software may seem like an overwhelming task considering how many options are out there. If you’ve narrowed your search down to AppFolio and Innago, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll be comparing Innago and AppFolio, going over what each software brings to the table.


AppFolio offers two different pricing plans: the Core plan and the Plus plan.

The Core plan costs $1.40 per unit per month with a minimum monthly fee of $280. This plan is geared toward landlords with small to mid-sized portfolios and provides most of the basic property management features.

AppFolio’s Plus plan costs $3 per unit per month with a minimum monthly fee of $1,500. This plan is for landlords with at least 500 units and includes additional features such as performance insight and revenue management.

Innago, on the other hand, has one pricing option: It’s free. But how can Innago be free? Innago makes its money from certain add-on services charged to tenants. For example, when a tenant makes an online payment, they’re charged an additional $2 fee if they pay using ACH or a 2.75% fee if they pay with a card. Applicants are also charged a screening fee, which costs $30 for a credit and criminal report or $35 to also include an eviction report. Lastly, tenants have the ability to purchase renters insurance policies directly on the platform (renters insurance policies are individually priced).


Here’s a list of the features on AppFolio’s Core plan, as outlined on their website:

  • Robust Accounting and Reporting
  • Built-in Virtual Marketing and Leasing Tools
  • Resident and Owner Management
  • Online Maintenance
  • Fully Mobile Experience
  • Continuous Software Updates

Here’s a list of additional features on AppFolio’s Plus plan:

  • Everything in Core
  • Workflow Management
  • Performance Insights
  • Revenue Management
  • AppFolio Stack™ Premium Integrations
  • Data Export Capabilities

Here’s a list of Innago’s features, as they appear on their website:

  • Online Rent Collection
  • Tenant Screening
  • Custom Applications
  • Digital Document Signing
  • Listing Syndication
  • Work Order Management
  • Tenant Communication
  • Renters Insurance

While both platforms cover most of the same ground, Innago’s features are more highly rated than AppFolio’s. On Capterra, AppFolio scored 4.3 out of 5 stars for its features in general, while Innago scored 4.8 stars. On G2, Innago received higher ratings than AppFolio for every feature (besides one, which was a tie). 

Customer Support

Innago provides full email and phone support, as well as a live chat during business hours. Innago also provides a blog full of helpful articles and hosts webinars for new users. They even offer one-on-one demos by request.

Innago assigns a representative to every account for personalized service. You can reach out to your representative via phone or email whenever you want. If you need to talk to someone after hours, you can almost always get ahold of someone on the general support line (although there’s no guarantee it’s your representative).

AppFolio, on the other hand, only provides calls by appointment when you have the Core plan (although this plan does offer live chat support). In order to have elevated customer service, you must upgrade to the Plus plan.

Like Innago, AppFolio provides its users with a help center complete with how-to articles and training videos.

As a whole, Innago’s customer service is preferred to AppFolio’s. On Capterra, Innago earned 4.9 stars for its customer service, while AppFolio only got 4.3 stars.


Reviews on sites like Capterra and suggest that Innago’s interface is preferred to AppFolio’s. Innago is known for having a sleek and user-friendly design. Some reviews for AppFolio, on the other hand, have reported some difficulties and a steep learning curve.

Overall, AppFolio scored 4.5 stars out of 5 on Capterra for ease of use, while Innago received 4.8 stars for this metric.


When comparing Innago vs AppFolio, there’s not much of a question. Even AppFolio’s more affordable pricing option is on the expensive side compared to Innago. You just can’t beat a free software that gives you everything Innago does.

By now, the decision should be an easy one. Thanks to Innago’s affordability, features, customer support, and simplicity, it’s your best bet when it comes to a property management solution.

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