The Ice Staff Code in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The ice staff Code is one of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2. Since the release of the game, this weapon has been a staple of players’ arsenals. It is considered to be a simpler weapon to use, but can still be quite a challenge to master. Learn more about the weapon, how to play it, and its special characteristics below.


The Ice Staff is a powerful weapon that utilises the Ice element. There are a number of ways you can improve and enhance the staff. For instance, you can make it transform into a powerful Ull’s arrow that can freeze undead creatures. But before you can upgrade it, you must first find the ice staff puzzle. This can be done by locating a blue portal. Once you have found the puzzle, you’ll need to collect blue discs and then solve a simple puzzle to get your staff upgraded. To make the process more clear, I’ve included screenshots that can help you understand the steps involved.

There are a number of different parts you need in order to upgrade your Ice Staff. Fortunately, you can get a variety of these parts by performing various activities. Some of these include opening guide segments and digging up rubble piles. The first part of the Ice Staff upgrade process is a blue disc, which can be found in the floor of a building. The next step is to open each section of the map, where you can find the parts that you need.

The Ice Staff can be upgraded using crystals. These can be obtained by digging in snowy areas. You can dig up these components in a few different ways, including using the Shovel to dig up the rubble. It may take a while to find all of the components, but perseverance will pay off in the end.

The Ice Staff is a powerful weapon in the game. It freezes zombies in one shot and can cause damage to nearby enemies. It can also be upgraded by utilizing key ingredients like blue plates and gramophones to make various items. The upgraded Ice Staff can also generate a blizzard that freezes zombies for ten seconds. This makes it the perfect support weapon in the camp site.


The puzzle in Agartha can be solved by shooting blocks with the ice staff. To do this, you must first reach the blue tile on the wall of Agartha and then shoot blocks with the ice staff. Each dot code has a specific symbol, which you will see next to it. The pairs with green boxes are confirmed, while those with red boxes are unconfirmed. This way, you can know what code will be on the next puzzle you encounter when you enter the city.

You can use the Ice Staff to get special bonuses and perks. For instance, if you have a secondary gun, you can use it to get a zombie shield. Another cool feature is that it can be used to unlock the employee list in the Crazy Place. The game can be very challenging, so be sure to pay attention to the code.

In order to obtain the Staff of Ice, you must find three pieces: a coloured disc, a black disc, and a gramophone. The first two parts can be obtained from the ground while it is snowing or dug up from a digspot. The last piece can be found in a building next to Generator 2 near the rear door of the building.

Unlike other staffs, the Ice Staff is best when you need to get a lot of kills in a short time. It does infinite damage and is decent against a panser with a charge shot, but it kills zombies very slowly. The Ice Staff is not the ideal save me weapon – it requires you to stop digging before it can kill a zombie.


The Ice Staff Code is an extremely powerful weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4! It can upgrade your other weapons and grant you access to extra in-game currency. While the code isn’t available in every area, there are several ways to obtain it. The best way is to explore the area where snow is falling. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to find the Ice Staff code.

If you’re looking for a weapon that has a high ammo pool and a simple aspire-to-mastery path, the ice staff is one of the best options. It does a lot of damage, and it’s very effective against zombies. However, it’s not the best weapon for saving the day. Its long kill time and low damage make it less than ideal for last-minute survival scenarios.

The Ice Staff can be upgraded by finding its parts in the ground. The pieces are often found near dig spots when it’s snowing, and you can find the first part in the starting area. The second part can be found in the middle area of the map, while the third part can be found near the church. In addition to the Ice Staff, players can also obtain the blue record by searching the area near the ice staff pillar. Additionally, the gramophone is always spawned on the floor of the Excavation Site. Having the record will allow players to access lower levels.

The Ice Staff is very versatile and has many uses in the game. With the proper upgrades, it can improve your AOE and allow you to crack riddles. In addition to that, it can even help you crack gravestones. Once it is fully powered up, Samantha will inform you that the Ice Staff is ready to use. It will initially freeze zombies, but later on, you can upgrade it to increase its area and range.


You can upgrade the Ice Staff by using three different components, which are found throughout the game. These include a coloured disc, a black disc, and a gramophone. You can find these items in the three main zombie areas of Black Ops 3. Once you have all three, you can proceed to upgrade your Ice Staff. The first step in the process involves solving a small puzzle. It may take some time, but perseverance will pay off.

To begin, you need to visit the Crazy Place, which is in the Crazy Place area of the game. This area contains a riddle that you must complete before upgrading your ice staff. There are blue ceiling panels and blue markings on slabs, and you must match them with the ice staff’s symbols. In addition, you must shoot the panels in the right order to complete the riddle.

The code changes every time you play a game. It’s important to learn to recognize the different symbols and match them up. A map can help you to understand what symbols you need to match up. Moreover, it’s important to understand how to read the pillar so that you can correctly shoot them.

After you’ve collected all of the different codes, you need to gather all of the items that you need to complete the mission. These components include the Ice Staff and the Gravestone. These are located in three different locations. The first one is near the MP-40, the second one is in the large footprint right next to the Generator 4. The third tombstone is at the top of the small hill next to Generator 2. Ensure that you take care of the tombstones, as they may blend into the game background.

Upgrades in Zombies Chronicles

If you have been playing zombie games for some time, you may have come across the concept of upgrades. In Zombies Chronicles, players can increase their abilities by completing puzzles. The first upgrade involves solving a puzzle involving purple triangles. These triangles are found in an area near the purple portal. The player must shoot the notes on the bottom row, numbering them from one to seven, and then shoot them in the correct order.

You can buy different kinds of Upgrades for your weapons in Zombies Chronicles. Some of these upgrades can help you defeat the zombies and help you advance in the storyline. If you want to learn more about this topic, then you can also follow the relevant links below. Those links will give you the latest information about the game.

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