How the Right Packaging Will Help You Break Into the Frozen Food Business

According to the American Frozen Food Institute, frozen foods play a significant role in the grocery business. As for 2020, the industry brought in $65.1 billion in retail sales. It’s a lucrative field but also one filled with options.

What makes your company’s selections stand out? Customers are looking for several things, including price, taste and convenience. However, along with those, frozen food packaging also remains a critical element of success. Learn how the proper packaging could make or break your sales.

Differentiate Your Brand From the Rest

Why does someone pick up a bag of frozen peas over another? Often, it’s about the product and how it’s put together. Let’s face it: appearance matters. Customers that haven’t tried your foods are using the labeling and packaging to decide if your item is worth the investment.

Therefore, find ways to make your frozen line stand out among the masses. You need to deliver an impression immediately, the moment they put that bag in their hands.

Today’s shoppers value convenience, eco-friendly packaging and portion control. They’re seeking companies using resealable and printed mylar bags that allow for long-term use and durability.

In addition, customers are willing to spend money for good, high-quality options. But they don’t want to stick them in the freezer and have contamination or freezer burn. Mylar bags are hardy and protect items from environmental contamination. Promote long-lasting flavor and freshness. 

Stand out among the masses by using eco-friendly packaging. Shoppers can use it now and recycle the packaging later. Many buyers today want fast options without contributing to the landfill. Fast food wrappers and heating items can quickly build up.

Don’t make the bag a finish line. Allow it to further a connection with your company. QR codes provide shopper-business relations. Let them interact, gain knowledge and earn rewards by scanning the packaging.

Easy Way To Advertise

Shoppers stroll down the frozen food section. As they head down, they check out what’s behind the glass. They, however, don’t have an entire day to pursue the selection. It’s too cold for that, and they’re busy. Packaging is your best advertising method: grabbing attention quickly and showing off your best features.

Work with digital printing for your products. This feature makes your designs timely, attractive and relevant. It’s vivid, with eye-catching images and colors that create something that pops and draws attention. Use the packaging to highlight easy-to-heat and service options and note your nutritional value.

Digital production also allows for flexibility. Change up your platform and design to suit the interests of the current trends. This way, you can garner attention on how and when you want it.

Remember that people buying frozen food are looking for something convenient and tasty. They want to heat and eat. Their schedule or lifestyle doesn’t allow for much time in the kitchen. Use the packaging to emphasize why your selection stands out in terms of simplicity or ease.

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How you seal and wrap your frozen foods remains essential. Customers want resealable pouch packaging and mylar options that give them delicious items with convenience. Therefore, design packaging catches their eye, eases their cooking burden and provides long-lasting freshness.

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