Beginner’s Guide to Home Automation Ft. Cox Home Life

Have you ever wished there were more hours in a day, so you get additional tasks done? It might not be possible, but saving some extra time certainly is. Imagine opening the door, turning on the lights, switching on the AC, and getting coffee made from the machine, all from the convenience of your phone. Home automation has made this a reality.

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As technology and smart devices get widely accessible and more affordable, it is easier for people to convert to a smart home. If you are new to this, do not be overwhelmed by the phenomenon, we can help you. 

Here is the complete beginner’s guide to home automation. 

What Is a Smart Home?

There are several ways to define a smart home. However, the underlying theme is that a smart home has automated home functions controlled through voice commands or a smartphone. Previously, the idea of completely controlling your house functionality via voice command was futuristic, but it is common nowadays. 

People are making the switch because it brings ease and convenience to them and helps save time. There are many ways to automate your house including, Smart lights, home assistants, Smart security systems, etc. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Home Automation

You can automate your home and upgrade your lifestyle in many ways. Buying the gadgets for home automation may seem exciting however, it is important to understand home automation before you start spending money on the operation. Here are some factors you should consider before you run to buy smart gadgets.


Smart devices are available at a variety of price points. It can be overwhelming to be bombarded with options once you start looking for gadgets to automate your home. Therefore, set a budget to get an idea of the price bracket you need to stay under for each service or device. 


The devices you choose should work for your lifestyle and be a source of convenience. A product someone swears by, might not work for you at all, which is why it is important to research the products you plan to purchase. Do not buy anything just at face value, read reviews, compare products, and check out buying guides before investing in a gadget. 

Type of Setup

The smart setup you opt for should match your level of expertise. If you are not tech savvy, avoid overly complicated devices that require extensive technical knowledge. These will lead you to rely on tech service, which is hardly convenient or easy. 

It is better to opt for intuitive devices that you can operate on your own. Try sticking to one or two devices in the beginning. If you completely revamp your home setup, you will struggle with the setup. Instead, if you integrate devices slowly, the change will be less striking and more intuitive. 

Benefits of Home Automation

Are you wondering what exactly home automation entails and how it can improve your lifestyle? Here are some benefits you can avail of by switching to a smart home model. 


The biggest benefit of home automation is the convenience it offers. You can control your house lighting and temperature from the convenience of your phone so you do not have to come home to a dark and hot home. Cox HomeLife automation offers this service and enables one to set lightning timers and control all house lamps from a phone app.

Remote Monitoring 

If you plan to go on a vacation or a short business trip, it is natural to worry about the well-being of your home. With a smartphone, you can monitor all house activities including from a smartphone app. With the Cox HomeLife app, you receive a notification every time there is activity at your house door or a window. 

Safety and Security

With home automation, you can ensure the safety and security of your place. You can check the footage of security cameras from the phone app. Cox home automation offers HD video footage with motion sensors and night vision for protection throughout the day. Alongside the monitoring service, you can get access to Carbon Monoxide sensors, smoke and heat detector, etc. with Cox HomeLife automation.  

In a Nutshell

If you are new to home automation, it may seem overwhelming. One is inundated with information and the plethora of options available unsure of what to do. We hope this guide provided you with a basic understanding of how to make the switch to a smart home and the benefits it carries. 

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