MEDHOST EMR Is Crucial To Your Business

If you’re looking for a robust electronic medical record system, look no further than MEDHOST. This software streamlines care coordination among hospitals, clinics, and order service platforms. With a comprehensive suite of patient engagement tools, FHIR APIs, and Certified Public Health reporting, MEDHOST EMR has all your clinical documentation needs covered. Learn more about how MEDHOST’s solutions can benefit your business and how it can benefit your patients.

MEDHOST EMR helps streamline care coordination between clinics and hospitals

MEDHOST, a provider of healthcare IT solutions, has announced the enhancement of its care coordination solution to ensure seamless interoperability between clinics and hospitals. This solution helps ambulatory practices maintain existing ambulatory IT investments while ensuring smooth care coordination between hospitals and clinics. Other new initiatives include an enhanced Mobile Medication Administration app, branding and CRM tools, and a health site called YourCareEverywhere.

MEDHOST has integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network to build top-tier solutions using the cloud. The company’s teams will work closely with Amazon AWS experts to provide the most advanced solutions to help health organizations meet their data exchange needs. Additional integration partners include IBM, 3M Health Information Systems, Greenway Medical Technologies, Medi-Span, and First Databank. MEDHOST has also partnered with Trinisys LLC to expedite system conversions.

The company has partnered with more than 130 healthcare organizations, including Baylor Healthcare System in Texas, Catholic Healthcare West in California, and Tenet Healthcare Corporation in New York. MEDHOST’s solutions are easy to integrate with the information systems of various hospitals. The company says it has streamlined processes that lead to improved patient care. For hospitals, MEDHOST’s EMR is designed to improve the efficiency of care coordination.

MEDHOST DMS facilitates the efficient and secure management of documentation

MEDHOST provides healthcare facilities with products and services that optimize workflows, improve patient safety, and drive financial performance. More than 1,000 healthcare organizations partner with MEDHOST to create customized and integrated EHR systems. MEDHOST uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its EHR solution. The company has also made major investments in the cloud computing space, including its own AWS data lake.

MEDHOST and AWS worked together to create a layered pipeline to meet their unique requirements. The pipeline comprises a data lake, an ingestion layer, a storage layer, and an analytics layer. Each layer has a different job: it moves data from the production databases in a hospital to a landing zone for further processing. This process enables the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to predict patient outcomes and minimize re-admission rates.

A highly-functional DMS will automate and simplify this process. It can even track important documents and keep track of their versions and changes. A DMS will save space by allowing users to store multiple versions of documents. They can also easily search through multiple versions of documents at a time. Further, MEDHOST DMS facilitates the efficient and secure management of documentation

Patient security

At HIMSS 2016, MEDHOST will display its affirmed venture EHR, as well as different arrangements and administrations. Patient security has been a primary concern for the organization starting from the start, and this responsibility has been reflected in its item methodology and strategic policies. Notwithstanding its obligation to patient wellbeing, MedHost has put vigorously into computerization and killed human blunders. Peruse on to study how these endeavors are assisting with safeguarding patients.

The investigation discovered that Medhost hid various issues in its product, including erroneous medication codes and mistakes in information about patients’ sensitivities and sicknesses. The organization has since denied these claims and is trying to excuse the case. In any case, this doesn’t imply that the organization is liberated from liability. On the off chance that the organization is significant about guaranteeing patient wellbeing, it should give a solid, consistent stage for specialists.

MEDHOST EMR helps manage patient information

MEDHOST EMR is an advanced electronic health record solution that streamlines the management of patient information and enhances interoperability. It provides secure reporting, remote processing of results, and integrated care coordination across all types of healthcare settings. The platform includes a clinical gateway that connects hospital providers, YourCare Continuum for simplified communication, and Emergency Department Information System to integrate ER workflows with EHRs.

It also offers many other benefits, such as revenue cycle management, which simplifies administrative processes. Also can automate processes, such as denial tracking, cash posting, insurance billing, and payment-payroll statements. This can also help streamline patient database charting. It also streamlines workflow and provides a granular view of clinical metrics. With MEDHOST EMR, a physician can submit electronic prescriptions to pharmacies, reduce medical errors, and provide easy patient access from anywhere.

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