Dave and Busters Prototype in Orlando

While attending the Dave and Busters Orlando conference last week. I had the chance to go to the brand-new Dave and Buster’s on International Drive. It stands where Race Rock restaurant once stood before demolished to make room for Dave & Buster’s.

The appearance, design, and decor of earlier Dave and Buster’s locations, with their dark wood & brass finishes, are drastically different from the 58th location. This one had a fresh, contemporary look.

Orlando New Dave and Busters facility

With parking just on the ground floor below, the Dave & Busters Orlando location has a second-floor area of about 40,000 square feet. To get there, you must go up a long flight of 24 moves that seem to go on forever. For such a long staircase, the stairs also made of solid concrete & somewhat steep. Due to how the stairs set up.

I worry that customers who use them after drinking heavily risk suffering serious injuries. I have never been to an entertainment venue this size just on the second floor without escalators.

Essentially the Facility Divided Into Four Sections

In essence, the Dave and Busters Orlando location divided into four sections: a sizable bar and lounge area (with chairs and tables) at the entrance, a restaurant to the right, a huge game room with 170 games to the back, or a redemption shop to the left. Three private rooms which can facilitate up to 200 people are located on the right side of the game room.

Targeted Acoustic Treatments for Sound Absorption

Although we didn’t play any of the games, there was a sizable and modern selection. All of the games appeared to set to their highest volume, which made it challenging to communicate in the game room. I couldn’t find any acoustic treatments that focused on sound absorption and reverberation reduction. The roof deck at Dave & Busters Orlando seemed to unprotected.

Setting Up The Three Big Bass Wheel Machines

The positioning of the three Big Bass Wheel machines at Dave & Busters Orlando along a wall was the only thing in the game room that I found strange. This setup reduces the impact of a game which is frequently very obvious and visible when played out in the open. Four big basses arranged in this way probably bring in less money than two big basses set up separately in the open, in my estimation.

Orlando’s new Dave and Busters offers options

We chose the restaurant since it was early and not crowded. We drank wine. Despite wine’s popularity, only Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot were available even by glass or bottle.

Dave and Busters Orlando’s New Menu

Dave & Busters Orlando served a shared appetizer. We thought ordering pretzel nuggets of three dipping sauces was safe. The pretzel nuggets leaked butter from the jar’s bottom. The pretzel-looking nuggets tasted like bread.

Dave and Busters Orlando Review

There was no pretzel flavor in them. The manager came by to ask how we liked the nuggets just as we started tasting them. We let him know about the nuggets. He didn’t taste them, but he concurred that they shouldn’t have drenched in butter.

He thus removed them and placed orders for replacements. The new ones might have had a hint of pretzel flavor and didn’t have the issue with too much butter, but they’ll never pass for pretzels.

D&B Dining Experience Less Expensive Than Ruby Dining

For the main course, one of us ordered a salad, another ordered pasta, and I ordered fish. Although the side of vegetables had been small and cold, the salad was excellent, the pasta was passable, and my fish was excellent. We split a cheesecake with such a pecan topping for dessert, which was fine.

Overall, we thought Ruby Tuesdays’ food was much better than that of Dave & Busters, so we gave Ruby Tuesdays a higher rating than Dave & Busters. We felt that everything has overpriced based on quality.

Orlando’s Dave and Busters International Drive

It does not bode well for the establishment that Dave and Buster’s is not equivalent to mid-level casual dining restaurant businesses. On International Drive in Orlando, where they will dealing with international visitors instead of locals from whom they need repeat business, they might able to get away with it.

If this is the new model that Dave and Busters Orlando plans to introduce to residential markets, they get a long way to go before they can known as a good value dining establishment, especially given the effect that the recession has on raising consumers’ requirements regarding the importance of dining out.

Cost Of Goods For Food And Non-Alcoholic Beverages At Dave and Buster’s

For the fiscal quarter that ended on July 31, 2011, Dave & Buster’s noted a food & non-alcoholic beverage price percentage of 24.3%. This is less than the industry average for non-fast food restaurants, which is about 30%. Based on our visit, it appears that Dave And Busters Orlando’s costing methodology has led to meals that aren’t worth the price they ask for.

Dave and Buster’s Menu Features

People who purchase a combo deal may not reach the same value outcome we did for a self-contained meal’s price vs its quality; instead, deal-hunting consumers consider the Eat and Play combo as a discounted deal, a good value. This may because Dave And Busters Orlando package meals with entertainment.

Dave And Busters Discounts & Coupons

They offer several Eat and Play combos on their menu, each of which includes a Dave and Busters Coupons in addition to a $10 game card. After some quick math, it determined that the combo meal cost nearly $6 more than the individual meals.

A $10 game card costs them about $1.60 as per cost of goods sold for game play, so by increasing their profit by $4.40 and priming the pump to entice customers.

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