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DIY Moving: How to Transfer Your Furniture?

You will need to pay for the move when you move from one place to another. It is possible to save money by moving yourself. It is important to have help and to be organized in order to do a good job.

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Where to begin and how to get

It is best to plan the move so you can deal with any delays or setbacks.

Planning your action plan could be started a few months before the move date. This can coincide with the date on the rental agreement (if applicable) or the deed date (if you’re selling or buying a home).

Except in exceptional cases, the material required for the move remains the same.

  • Carton Prices: although the price of a carton can vary.
  • Trolley To transport heavier items, such as household appliances or furniture components, you can use a trolley. You can either buy one at a building or DIY store or borrow one from a friend.
  • Van – Often, the trunks of cars, even larger ones, aren’t big enough to carry large appliances and furniture. A van or SUV is a better choice.

If you are in Canada, you can rent the van for shipping furniture across Canada with or without a driver. Prices will vary depending on the option chosen.

Where to begin?

Once you have all the necessary materials for the move, it is time to start packing the tools. You must first decide what you will bring to your new home and what to discard. It will be easier to get rid of things that haven’t been used in a while and it will speed up the process.

These are some easy steps to help you place items in boxes correctly and efficiently.

  • Division To make it easier to locate the objects in the new house later, it’s a good idea to break them down by type. You can, for example, group clothes in one box and shoes in another. Stationery and books can be placed in another.
  • Packaging: It is important to pack-objects before putting them in a box. This will prevent them from becoming damaged or dirty. To prevent clothes from becoming dirty or wet in the event of infiltration, you can store them in plastic bags.
  • Indications To make it easier to find the items once you move into your new home, you can put detailed information on the boxes. This will make it easier to locate all objects and avoid opening unnecessary boxes.
  • Inventory: In addition to the information you put on the boxes, it is possible to be more specific and create an inventory of all objects that were transported. You will have a complete list. You can sort the items alphabetically by creating the list on the computer.
  • Filling: To prevent objects from hitting walls or moving around inside the box, it is best to fill the container until it is full. You can also fill the box with newspaper sheets crumpled if you don’t have any more items.

How do you transport furniture

The biggest challenge when you move on your own is the transportation of the furniture. To make them lighter and to ensure that they don’t get damaged, you must empty them before moving. You can separate the furniture into two types:

  • You can disassemble many pieces of furniture, either in whole or in parts, and they are very easy to transport. To disassemble tables, chairs, or bedside tables, simply remove the supports.
  • Non-removable Furniture: other furniture and household appliances are compact, unique, and non-removable. They cannot be moved independently if they are not allowed to pass through the doors. In this case, you will need to contact an external specialist.

Get help from professionals

It is not dishonorable to ask for assistance from moving professionals. Also, it denotes intelligence in those who decide to entrust their loved ones’ transportation to a company that does this job. And it is simple to choose the Uxbridge removal company if you are aware of its basic characteristics.

  • Clear quote If the reality you are entrusting your move to has created a quote that leaves no room for untoward or surprises, it is the right one. You are closer to making your decision if he responds quickly to your request.
  • Experienced and qualified team: To avoid getting into beginners, or an improvised team of moving people, visit their website to check their references online.
  • Transparency: If the Uxbridge movers you choose to trust with the moving of your furniture are transparent and willing to handle the paperwork required to receive permits, then you’re lucky!

Need Help?

Perfect Timing Moving can help you if you’re an off-site student who wants to make a move to Uxbridge. We will quickly respond to your request thanks to our extensive experience and our professional and organized team.

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