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7 best ways to get great reviews from customers

A strong customer testimonial page is a must for any website. You should get good reviews. These pages include compelling testimonials from customers, which make any product or service seem so good that everyone would want it.

Positive reviews are a sign that people trust your business and that you care about their success. Testimonials are powerful. Contact Digital Specialist to learn more about your business success.

Facebook comments

You should first look at sites that have published positive (or negative) reviews about you. This is the easiest place. Your Facebook company page. You may have already noticed reviews, especially if your business is local.

Facebook testimonials can be very detailed so they are a great way to show off what your business is best at.

It’s simple to ask for comments from people if you don’t already have reviews on Facebook. We will be sharing more strategies

Take a look at the LinkedIn recommendations.

You can ask others to recommend you or use existing recommendations, in whole or in snippets as a promotion of your services.

If you are a large company, encourage all employees to use LinkedIn. Employees could receive recommendations from clients who work for your company.

It’s also possible that someone snooping on your company’s LinkedIn account saw glowing recommendations from your employees.

Get YouTube video reviews

Written comment is not as powerful as a video testimonial. Video testimonials from customers about your products and services.

You may be tempted to cheer but I suggest you check if your followers have the option to upload their videos to their YouTube accounts. You can encourage them to tell their stories and even do product reviews.

Also, you can also film customer reviews in your store, customers who visit your office, and colleagues at conferences. All you need is a smartphone capable of high-quality video recording.

Customers will gladly appear on your YouTube channel if you have a strong presence. Videos are a great way to receive feedback from customers because of their proximity and sharing potential.

Search local search directories

Local search directories are important for local businesses. Google MyBusiness allows members of their network to leave reviews about local businesses.

You should share positive reviews from these sites on your testimonials page. And you can do this by copying and pasting the comments, taking screenshots, or using a WordPress plugin.

You can begin now if you don’t already have reviews. If you have a lot of comments, your business will be in the top position in search results.

Start by creating a basic account and encouraging customers to review your work.

Do not forget to check out specialized review websites

Depending on your business’s sector, you may focus your efforts on getting reviews on review sites that are specific to your target market.

Sites like Google, Bing, or Yahoo can be used for all types of local businesses. However, you may also find sites that are specific to your industry.

Customers who agree with your views should be rewarded

Consider all the benefits that customers can provide for your site by leaving great feedback. How can you get them to post their reviews? As much as possible, provide a clear incentive to comment.

Fast-food restaurants offer customers the opportunity to win cash prizes by taking part in an online survey. You can offer coupons, special offers, or even a discount on your next purchase if you have proof that you have reviewed the product.

Before you offer incentives, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Google and other sites prohibit direct incentives. You can ask customers to leave a review by adding a line to your receipt.

It’s a smart idea to include testimonials in customer reviews if you want to reward them for sharing their opinions.

Google Alerts and Social Mention can be set up

Last, but not least: There are likely to be a lot more spontaneous customer reviews about your business on other websites, such as personal blogs or forums.

These reviews can be very helpful in linking to your site because they offer impartial opinions.

You can set up email notifications via Google Alerts or Social Mention. You can choose terms such as your company name, brand, or specific products.

If necessary, you can include keywords. It’s also a good idea to include keywords if applicable. They are usually happy to oblige, especially if you offer a link to your site.

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