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Use to Increase Your Social Media Followers

Businesses looking to start in digital marketing need to do more than creating a profile on social media, post content and worry about how to gain more followers.

Although posting relevant content is essential and should be part of any social marketing strategy, having a strong (appropriate) following base is key to social success. Gaining followers on buy facebook likes uk can be difficult.

One wise man once said, “If you build it, he will come.” This is why I have compiled this handy list with ten tips to help you increase your social media followers.

Ten Best Tips to Get More Followers on Your Social Media Profiles

Add Social Profiles To Your Signatures

You are likely to send emails every day if you run a business. This is your chance to promote your social media accounts!

Promoting your profiles in your email signature will increase the likelihood that recipients will come across your usernames multiple times. Why not take advantage of this easy promotion opportunity?

Maintain a Professional Profile

Your profile description (or “About Me”) section is where potential followers get the first glimpse of you and why they should follow. Here you can promote your profile and keep it professional.

Your profile description should be concise, short, and direct. However, don’t forget about being engaging!


Cross-promote pages on other profiles.

Are you looking to grow your Instagram following? To attract Instagram followers, use your Facebook profile! It’s easy!

Sometimes, your followers don’t know you are active on social media. It’s your job then to help them find the right way.

Use relevant hashtags

Relevant hashtags are a great way to get followers on Instagram and Twitter. Suitable is the keyword.

Use relevant hashtags for your target audience to maintain a following that is interested in your content. You will have more followers and a larger audience that is more active.

Encourage sharing

Social media allows you to share content. It is a way to show your support for others.

If you have a large following and engage in organic content, it won’t take long to encourage followers to share your posts. It’s as simple as adding a “Share if _____” call-to-action.

Your audience will start sharing your content, and other followers will follow you!

Humour and being relatable are key.

This is something I cannot stress enough. Social media users won’t follow or engage with robots – be you!

This means you need to remember that you are a person who has thoughts, feelings and opinions. These traits should be reflected in your profile.

Please don’t overdo it, though. Sometimes a simple smiley emoji, or “LOL”, will suffice. Posting content that humanizes and reflects your personality can attract more followers and engagement if you’re respectful. This works best when it is accompanied by visually appealing and pertinent content followerspro.

Keep Active

This tip is easy to understand. It is essential to keep your profile active, not only to attract new followers but also to keep current followers.

Post on each profile at least once per day. Prospective followers will look at your content before they follow you. They will also be more inclined to click the Follow button if there is a steady stream of content.

Buffer is a program that helps you manage your time and post at different times throughout the day.

Offer exclusive content

You can change it up! We live in an incredibly advanced technological age with so many resources available to us. You can use your social media profiles to promote other accounts and give exclusive offers!

Remind people who “Like” and “Follow” your pages that there’s more to it than what they see. Promote exclusive content and keep organic content distinct on each social profile to send them to other pages.

This will ensure that followers aren’t just drawn to one account and the other accounts.

Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories are two examples. These tools can give a behind-the-scenes view of you or your business. Your audience will be more likely to seek out the other profile to receive this juicy content if they know about it.

Recognize and Respond

Use the engagement you get on your posts. Respond to any comment that is sent to you. Even if you are saying “thanks.”

Although users who interact with your profiles might not be followers, you can encourage them to follow by responding to them.

You should not only be responsive but also respond promptly. The faster you respond, the better. If you receive complaints, this increases tenfold.

Flush and Follow

This tip is my favourite, and it works best for me.

Flushing is the act of “unfollowing” or removing users that are not relevant or inactive. Others will unfollow people who don’t follow them back. This can also be called flushing.

Website is my favourite way to unfollow people who haven’t followed you back on Instagram.

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