Top accommodation in Hunza & Gilgit for 2022

Let’s talk about the location, types of rooms, facilities and nearby attractions that set these hotels in Hunza apart from the rest. Click here to see hotels in Lahore.


This resort is one of the nicest spots in Hunza to stay. Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort overlooks the amazing mountains and beautiful Lake Attabad, one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist attractions. It offers world-class amenities for guests, making their trip to Gilgit Baltistan more and more memorable. Combining luxury and nature, this hotel offers the perfect retreat from everyday life. Built directly on Attabad Lake, where you can best view the Blue Lake. It is one of the most visited places in the area. The hotel itself is a major draw for many tourists who want to enjoy the luxury of the mountains. Luxus is known for its service, view, food and comfort. You can also participate in sports activities such as jet skiing and boating on Attabad Lake.


Hard Rock is one of our favorite places in Hunza. Speaking of their rooms, they have the most comfortable beds with the most breathtaking views in Rakaposhi. We love their service. Their villa is the best place to stay if you are traveling with family. They provide the best amenities with a comfortable stay.


Talking about the city and our favorite place to hang out in Hunza is Mountain Story. We are totally in love with the vibe of this place. The owner is very enthusiastic and the team is very helpful. The rooms are super cute and cozy. The atmosphere at night is magical and we love their food. This quaint stone and wood complex is built in a garden of apricot trees, which allows the facade to blend in with the surrounding trees, giving it an otherworldly appearance. Staying at Mountain Story Resort Hunza is a perfect choice for those seeking peace and quiet. In addition, the resort has a popular cafe and is known for its campfire evenings.


Moksha is in our favorite neighborhood. It is one of the most comfortable places in Gulmit, with all amenities. It is run by a married couple, Saira & Faiz, who have a lot of experience in hotels and Hunza Cuisine. Talk about this place. This is one of the most environmentally friendly constructions we have ever seen in the region. I like the locally made beds and organic food. Very cozy and family friendly.


We love this new addition to Hunza, Roomys all over Pakistan has the best holidays to offer. Roomy Dastan is located in the heart of Karimabad city with a beautiful view. I like the concept of their interior. Super comfortable room and breathtaking view from the rooms and from the terrace.


Sarai Silk in Paasu is on our #1 list. It is right in front of the majestic Passu cone and only 1 hour from the slopes of the Passu Glacier. It is designed so that every room has a spectacular view of the Passu cone and the village. They offer very good food and are suitable for families ?


Eagles Nest is one of the famous hotels in Hunza, it is located on Duiker where you have a 360° view of Aliabad, Karaminabad and Altit village. Nice rooms with a beautiful view. It is far from the main market of Karimabad and very quiet.


The Borith Lake Hotel & Resort is the newest resort hotel on Lake Borith, in the upper part of Hunza, with stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountains. This is another another environmentally friendly resort with contemporary accommodations and wonderful views of Lake Borith.  You can swim in Lake Borith and explore the lake by pedal boat.


Famree is a new hotel on Attabad Lake. It is a relaxed mix of modern architecture with traditional style interiors, decorated with wood and stone that embody the culture and traditions of the region. The views are amazing from the rooms and the terrace.


Hunza Old Inn is one of Karimabad’s oldest lodges. This place is like our second home. I love the warm evenings and the food of this place. In the center of Karimabad, a very traditional style hotel. See also Hotels in Pakistan.

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