Should I buy a Scrimshaw Pocket knife?

Modern man carelessly uses new Pocket Knife, technology, and many other tools that make our lives easier, more comfortable, and convenient. We don’t think of a day without electricity, cellular communication, or the Internet.

Loyal helpers are with us every day: at home, at work, and in the field, we try to build a comfortable nest with maximum comfort. All of these factors determine the great popularity of active recreation in the stronger half of humanity, including hunting and fishing.

Apart from hunting, can you feel this passion, the fire in your chest, and the thrill of chasing the prey? Do you keep blades between your teeth, or do you make your way through invincible slugs? When you make your way through the bushes? When is a captured animal treated? Everything is genetically determined.

The man is the breadwinner of the family. He brings a woman home and wants to provide her with a comfortable home as well as delicious food. And no modern cultural splendor and gentle touch will deprive a person of the desire to personally catch fish and eat with his own hands.

Here you can not do without knife scrimshaw. How to get lost and buy the right knife between different models on the pages of the online store? Choose a reliable and functional model that is helpful, not cumbersome? How are the key factors and characteristics in the field taken into account?

To do this, let’s break the knife into components and think about what becomes more important for each component.

Blade Steel

The most important indicator of a knife is the blade. They can bite, sting, stab, pierce, and much more. The important thing is that it can bear the load. Modern knife makers compete in a wide variety of steel grades used in their products.

Any content has its advantages and disadvantages. Considering steel in terms of value for money, manufacturers have identified several criteria that play a role in knife blades: hardness, flexibility, wear resistance, and ability to chip edge sharply.

In the manufacture of Scrimshaw Pocket Knives, the most common are high carbon steels: 440C, AUS8, 4116, SHH-15, H12MF, and others. They typically have a hardness of 60 units on a Rockwall scale.

Blades made of hard materials have many advantages: 

they can work efficiently with hard and dense materials, they cut well, they can be sharpened to the edge of the razor, and they last longer. Do not happen However, high carbon steel has some disadvantages.

The first is weak resistance to corrosion and exposure to rust spots. To avoid them, clean the blade thoroughly after each use and keep it dry. If you cut a sharp, hard, high carbon steel blade well and long enough, it will not be easy to sharpen. The use of foam and sharpeners will not suffice.

To restore the sharpness of such a knife, you need to work hard and use a real grinder. Manufacturers introduce blending additives to combat the defects of high carbon steels: chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, silicon, and others.

These additives prevent oxidation and make the blades more sticky, which prevents them from splitting in the event of a collision or fall. Therefore, modern knives with high carbon steel blades are strong, sturdy, and reliable.

When choosing the Scrimshaw Pocket Knife, 

you can also pay attention to the low carbon steel blades: 420, 5Cr15MoV, AUS6, and others. In general, its hardness does not exceed 55 units on the Rockwell scale. This is because they quickly lose their sophistication. But at the same time, it was rewarded with amazing simplicity. You can almost use roadside stones for this purpose. Fishing enthusiasts appreciate these panels for their corrosion resistance. This material allows the knife to be used and stored near the cabinet in case of high humidity. In addition, high impact resistance gives the plate flexibility and elasticity.

Do not forget the cross of Damascus. This content is the most mysterious, extraordinary features and attributes attributed to it, and there is a lot to talk about and gossip about.

But everything is very simple. In short, it relates to a variety of materials with different properties interconnected by blacksmith welding.

Due to the combination of materials, a typical “hunter” pattern appears, which is best suited for a Scrimshaw pocket knife. The material has a set of properties that are inherent in every steel before welding.

The shape of the blade

Another important indicator is the size of the scrimmage blade. Ironically, each option has its strengths and weaknesses. Studies show that the greatest load is placed on the curves and tips of the blades, not the blades themselves.

And here’s the most interesting thing: What’s the easiest and most reliable way? By choosing a straight blade, you get a knife that is more reliable but less practical than a curved knife. Flat blades require more power when working. A wide blade would be strong, but less practical for good work. Today, manufacturers use three main models in production:

Drop point.

It is distinguished from the lower line of the hips. The top of the fabric is often about a third thinner, allowing you to easily pierce it. This Scrimshaw is the perfect size for a pocket knife – it can be used to handle large games or to remove the skin.

Clip point

This is a more universal form. In addition to practical demonstrations of fishing work as an exercise in performing economic and ancillary work. It is thinner than the drop point, but also a point closer to the axis of use of force. They may not be effective in handling the carcass of a captured animal, but their versatile shape will be good for all uses.


Wide, small blade with a straight upper edge. It has a dotted point or is made without it. It is not designed to be punctured. The best profile for skin removal is your profile. The body can be processed, but with lower performance than previous versions.

When considering the size and length of the blade, it is important to note that it is not much better. A real Scrimshaw pocket knife should work and be comfortable to carry and hunt. And camping, tree felling, dinner preparation – these are just some of the many skills we can use.

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