Clever and trendy wooden shoe rack designs for home

Every home requires a trendy space to stack up the stash in style. The best wooden shoe rack designs for home are the ones that offer comfort, elegance, and convenience to keep your trendy footwear mess-free. Shoe racks not only offer refuge to your precious footwear but also help you keep them in a neat manner. Imagine you are getting late for work and you cannot find your office shoes? You don’t want to get into such a situation, right?

In case you own too many shoes, here are some stunning shoe rack design ideas that can help you live in style.

Contemporary wooden shoe rack

This is a perfect pick for those who have too many pairs of heels. And never have enough space to keep them. This is a fun yet functional cabinet that can fit anywhere. You can keep this cabinet under the stairs because it doesn’t take up too much space.

You can easily segregate your heels and sneakers by segregating each pair neatly. There is a drawer on the top that can be used to store shoe accessories like socks, shoe polish, a dust cloth, etc.

You can anytime shut the cabinet when you wish to conceal the footwear when not in use. It helps to keep the odor locked in and keeps the area mess-free.

Wooden shoe rack with a settee

A wooden shoe rack that has a seat is the best for those who like to sit while wearing their shoes. This is like a one-stop solution for your shoe storage needs. You can appropriately place this shoe rack at the entrance of the home to make sure that you never bring along dirt into the house.

You can place your home and party shoes separately in drawers. Now you can even label the drawers so that you don’t have to open the drawers again and again. This shoe rack design comes with soft cushioning on the top for comfort and style.

Glamourous rack

This shoe rack is built-in along with the wardrobe. This is ideal for spacious homes and allows you to showcase all your shoes in symmetry. If you have a collection of expensive and high-class shoes, this is the perfect shoe rack for you. The design of this rack complements the vibe of a walk-in closet. And also offers practical storage space to keep all your shoes in one place.

A shoe rack near the exit

This is one of the most compact wooden Furniture. This shoe rack is placed near the exit and is simple in approach. Effective in storing shoes, this design eases the struggle of a footwear avalanche. You can see daily footwear neatly stacked in the racks.

The racks are designed in such a way that they can easily take up around six pairs of shoes. This rack design also comes with a settee which allows you to sit and wear your shoes. The utility hooks can be used to hang coats, umbrellas, hats, etc.

Multipurpose shoe rack

Some shoe rack designs go beyond just helping you store your shoes in one place. They are designed for convenience and easy accessibility. At first look, you might feel that this is a bulky concept but it is very practical.

The rack offers space to hang umbrellas, coats. This is a good pick if you have a limited collection of shoes and you don’t have kids at home. You can even hang a few pairs of clothes here which you wear on a regular basis. This concept doesn’t take up too much space in the room and is a clever choice for small homes that don’t have much wardrobe space.

To Sum It Up No matter how big or small your house is. You need a shoe rack to keep all your shoes neatly. Some people like to go for fancy wooden shoe rack designs for home while some like to keep it simple. If you wish to include the shoe rack within the interiors of the house, you can go for trendy designs.

In case you feel that the shoes should be kept outside the home or at the entrance, a simple shoe rack will also do. Adding a settee to the shoe rack design is also a smart move. If you don’t want a fixed seat, you can go for a small ottoman. Adding a vase or a small plant near your shoe rack can help you add beauty to the space where the shoe rack is kept.

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