Golden Tips to Improve Your Band Scores in the IELTS Reading Test

The IELTS reading test will be conducted immediately after the listening test. Well, for this test, you will be given three paragraphs to read for answering 40 questions. You have to complete the entire test in 60 minutes which means you have to give 20 minutes to each paragraph. The basic purpose of this test is to check how efficiently a test taker can read English.  Well, you must prepare for this section dedicatedly as giving importance to every section is mandatory to achieve an overall excellent IELTS score. This article will shed light on some prominent tips that can help you perform well in the IELTS exam.

Basically, you need to practice reading English for acing the reading test of the IELTS. But it is wise to keep your preparations according to the requirements of the reading module of the exam. Note that you will be given the most difficult test as compared to the text given to comprehend during the academics.  Therefore, improve your reading proficiency in English before booking your IELTS exam date

Here, we have written some prominent tips to improve your reading proficiency in English to perform well in the reading module.

Learn sentence formation

You must be aware of the basic sentence formation in English that can be comprehended easily. But the main difficulty is comprehending the complex and long sentences written in the  English language. But the good thing is that this can be learned easily with the supremacy of the internet. You can visit countless tutorials on the internet and on youtube that teach the language learner how to form and comprehend long sentences. In simple words, try to know where to keep the word in the sentence to convey the actual message. 

Read the interesting novels

Well, reading some recognized novels will definitely improve your reading proficiency in the reading test. You can prefer to read a novel written by the author of a country where you are planning to migrate. The best part of this is that you will become aware of the culture and nature of the people living in the country. Also, the conversation in the novels will definitely help you improve your sentence formation as you will try to comprehend the climax of the novel.

Sample papers

The most prominent tip that can help you improve your English reading proficiency is solving the sample papers. Know that these papers are the key to improving your performance according to the requirements of the exam. Take a fresh sample paper and turn on the counter on your smartphone. Then, solve the entire sample paper within the limited time. Besides helping you access your performance, these papers will also help you prepare a strategy to improve your weakness and strengths. 

Identify the important information

Here, you have to utilize your detective skills to identify the important information. Taking a glance at the questions before reading the passage will help you with this efficiently. It is advisable to use your own way that you feel comfortable with. But make sure to practice at least 8 or 9 reading sample papers to apply your tips. Also, highlight the main keywords to get the answer quickly. Know that spending too much time reading the questions before the passage can spoil your time management. Therefore, keep the time constraints in your mind while applying this tip practically.

Improve your vocabulary

Paying adequate attention to improving vocabulary will make you ace every section of the reading test. Please remember that a good stronghold over vocabulary is an attribute of excellent reading skills. Therefore, improving your vocabulary knowledge is a must if you want to excel in this section. Furthermore, take the help of examples to get more clarity on the actual meaning of the words. Also, always learn the words from a recognized source such as Oxford’s dictionary. This will help you become aware of the official meaning of an English word. You must practice improving your vocabulary with the help of a recognized dictionary daily three months prior to booking your PTE exam date. To know the suitable exam dates, you can check the official website of the exam conducting body.


Know that practice with patience can move mountains. If you are feeling nervous then despite being aware of the right answer, there are high chances that you can mark the wrong answer. Additionally, improve your spelling mistakes during the reading test preparation to avoid penalties. 

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