Dental SEO: 7 Strategies to Optimize Your Website for 2023

As a practicing dentist in 2023, having a website is not enough to boost your customer reach and market influence. With Google algorithms and the preferences of people changing constantly, you also need to adapt by upgrading your current SEO strategies.

Since dentists often have to compete for the same pool of patients, you have to make sure that your content and website will stand out so you can get that top SERP spot. One of the best ways that you can move forward and improve your current digital promotional techniques is to focus on both the technical and content aspects of your sites.

This way, you can holistically inspect and detect any problems and fix them as you move along. Doing so will ensure a state-of-the-art website that is ready to serve your patients with the utmost efficiency. Here are some basic SEO strategies that you can incorporate into your current website design and content this 2023:

  • Optimize Loading Speed

When it comes to Internet search, loading speed is the name of the game. Users expect to find results within milliseconds, and if you’re not able to provide that, then they’ll move to another website right away.

A single-second delay can make the difference between booking an appointment and losing one. However, fixing this loading speed problem can’t be done with a single solution. 

The loading speed can be affected by multiple factors and it is up to you to fix those bugs so you can ensure the best surfing and appointment experience for your potential patients.

You can achieve this by compressing your images, removing unnecessary plug-ins, enabling browser caching, reducing redirects, and minimizing the CSS and JavaScript. If you’re unsure of how to conduct these strategies, you can always call up a local B2B SEO agency for help.

  • Optimize Content for Local Searches

If you’re a family dentist in Oshawa, chances are, the patients that you’ll want to attract are those within the area. Since families want to contact their dentist at a short notice in case of any dental health emergencies, they will be looking up clinics that are nearest to them.

To let them know that your clinic and practice are available to help and service them, make sure to optimize your content for local searches. This local SEO strategy is a multi-faceted one as it involves putting keywords with specific location tags that will help both the search engines and patients to determine where you’re situated.

You can also register your clinic in local listings to help your practice gain more exposure. Updating your name, address, and phone number (NAP) in case of any changes is also important so clients and potential clients can easily contact and locate you. 

  • Update Website for Mobile-friendliness

People nowadays are most likely to access the Internet through their phones. Portable and convenient, smartphones allow people to access the web whenever and wherever they want.

When they’re looking for a dental office in Oakville or whatever is nearest them, keep in mind that they’ll surely use their phone to do that. However, if your current website design is incompatible with mobile screens, some of the elements may come off wrongly, or worse, not load at all.

To prevent this from happening, make sure to invest in a mobile responsive design. This can be done by adjusting the character length for your Meta titles, removing unwanted pop-ups, and resizing your image elements so they can fit in whatever screen size. 

  • Prioritizing User Experience

Similar to traditional marketing, online advertising still highly centres on customer service and experience. Even in 2023, to ensure that your patients will keep coming back, you must create an attractive and responsive website design.

Fostering an unswerving loyalty to your clinic entails a sense of security and authority when they’re dealing with you. You can help give that assurance by making sure that they get the best experience even with the website alone.

You can achieve this for your dental practice website by making the appointment method intuitive, installing A.I. chatbots to quickly answer FAQs, and making the site quick to load and easy to navigate. 

  • Be Accessible to Voice Search

As technology advances, so do the method of Internet interaction. Nowadays a user can simply say what they want to search the net without having to type it. As any consultation with a b2b SEO agency will tell you, keywords are the bread and butter of online content promotion.

However, since algorithms tend to tag these keywords from the query itself, you have to adjust them in such a way that it matches the verbal input. The way a person types in a query compared to when they’re saying it is different. If you want to hit all the keywords and increase your search ranking, make sure to also utilize some keywords that are rooted in voice searches. 

  • Improve Core Web Vitals

Considered the main factors that determine the overall service quality of your website, core web vitals are a list of qualities that search engine algorithms value the most. As of now, their main focus for 2023 is speed and performance.

To ensure that you can reach their standard, make sure to use tools like Google PageSpeed, Google Search Console, Insights, and GTMetrix so you can have a better idea of which parts you should improve upon. 

  • Link Building

Gaining organic traffic from the redirected audience is some of the best ways to increase exposure on your website. One of the easiest methods out there is of course link building, where you use outbound and inbound links. 

This way, you can sort of ride with others’ popularity and gradually increase your own. However, to do this effectively, you must make sure that all the links that you’ve considered are informative, suitable, and updated.

This way, search algorithms will rank your site higher. Other link-building strategies include using resource pages, link mining, claiming unlinked mentions, and reclaiming links.

With the absence of an actual receptionist to help your patients on the net, your website will be the main basis for people’s decision on whether they should make an appointment. Once they enter your website, make sure that it leaves a lasting impression that will keep them coming back. If you’re unsure of how to conduct these strategies you can always call up a local b2b SEO agency to help you manage these important factors, so you can better focus on your practice. 

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