Top 20 Graphic Design Agencies in NY

Graphic design is the aspect without which either your personal or corporate website has few chances to become efficient as well as eye-catching. And this is especially true in today’s world when everything and everyone went online. Therefore, one of the most popular services offered in New York is web design.

Moreover, since there are quite a lot of diverse agencies, our team has found it crucial to compile our own list of studios, turning to which can save your business and make it stand out from the rest.

  1. Ester Digital

Being founded in 2015, Ester Digital, a graphic design agency in NYC, provides diverse services aimed at making their clients’ business shine. Regardless of its not huge size, its talented and creative team specializes in UI/UX design, branding, front-end, and back-end development, stationery and presentation design, etc. Furthermore, any industries, such as healthcare, startups, hi-tech, eCommerce, and others, will find their services extremely valuable and helpful. And Bridgestone, McDonald’s, and ASOS are among their grateful customers.

  1. GreyBox Creative

Focusing primarily on building effective branding strategies, the GreyBox Creative agency has helped a lot of companies excel in their niches. Accordingly, operating for more than 20 years, this team knows everything about how to make your brand work in your favor. 

  1. 7 Layer Studio

Despite the fact that the agency consists of a small number of employees, 7 Layer Studio is still a proven expert in branding design. That is, among the most popular services they offer, you can find graphic design, content marketing, UX/UI design, packaging design, and so on.

  1. DD.NYC

The sphere of activity of DigitalDesign.NYC seems to be obvious since its name fully conveys this idea. Therefore, it won’t be a surprise that the agency is engaged in the provision of branding, UI/UX design, graphic design, and mobile application development services.

  1. Starfish

Starfish was established in 2002 in New York and can boast of having a team of experienced copywriters, strategists, designers, and project managers who work hard on delivering high-quality logo design, marketing, branding, media planning, and other services that will make your business prosperous.

  1.  North Street Creative

Thanks to its deep knowledge and vast expertise in building branding strategies, the team of a design agency North Street Creative knows for sure how to make your company work in the long run. And such brands as American Express, Bloomberg Beta, and 4Ocean have already become their satisfied clients.

  1. Stan Branding

Even though its team is pretty small, 18 industries can still find the services Stan Branding provides truly beneficial for their flawless operation. Moreover, since the agency has crafted more than 600 projects, it is a recognized expert in graphic design, packaging, and branding.

  1. Studio Center

If there’s a desire to get alluring videos, and efficient web or graphic design, then the services of one of the oldest marketing agencies, Studio Center, may be right for you. Operating since 1967, except for its headquarter in NY, the firm has opened 3 more offices around the country: Virginia Beach, Washington, and Richmond.

  1. Gallery Design Studio

Gallery Design Studio is a New York-based agency specializing in the provision of services for the B2B sector. The scope of work its team offers is quite impressive and varies from copywriting and video production to graphic design and tradeshows.

  1.  Kaleidoscope

Conducting its business for more than 20 years, the branding company Kaleidoscope is focused on branding, packaging design, structural design development, design implementation, prototyping, and other services aimed at making its clients prominent in their market.

  1. OAX

Being created in 2017 and having offices in New York and Prague, a relatively small design studio OAX can help its customers with solving diverse issues connected to the logo, graphic design, branding, UI/UX design, etc.

  1.  Gubry

If you wish to adjust the UX of your Internet resource, then you may find a Gubry agency as a perfect solution for this task. Moreover, their team provides clients with branding, logo, web design, and more.

  1. Radish Lab

Founded in 2012, Brooklyn design agency Radish Lab offers different types of services linked to branding, web design and development, graphic design, strategy, and so on. All in all, the main focus of their team is to make your business noticeable through the application of simple, yet clear design.

  1.  SUVA Inc

SUVA Inc. is a design studio located in NY that consists of a small but skilled team of specialists. Their work is primarily connected to packaging design, branding, motion graphics, web design, and UI/UX prototyping.

  1.  Herefor

Launched in 2018, a branding company Herefor specializes in building strong branding personalities through packaging, digital, and print channels so that businesses of their clients could win the hearts and minds of their target audience.

  1.  Infinia Group

If the only issue left is to make your company stand out, then the services of Infinia Group may be of much help since this New York agency is major in branding, marketing, logo, and web design.

  1.  Lovably

Lovably is a design firm that worked on the projects of such giants as Bloomberg, Nokia, Macmillan, and Harvard Business School. Therefore, as you can see, brands from diverse industries can find their web design, graphic design, and other services valuable.

  1.  Logo Design NYC

Family-owned graphic design agency Logo Design NYC was created in 2007. Its main purpose is to bring brands of any size to a higher level. And to make it real, except for the custom logo design, they offer web design, digital marketing, and graphic design services.

  1.  Ultravirgo

Ultravirgo is a web design company established in 2003 in New York City with a focus on branding, print design, graphic design, and more. The team worked with United Nations, Parkinson’s Foundation, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. And that obviously shows its expertise and skills.

  1.  Organiq Media

Organiq Media is a New York-based brand design and digital consulting agency that was founded in 1998. The list of services they offer is quite impressive: packaging design, logo, website design and development, content writing, SEO, and many more.

On a final note

No one knows your goals and needs better than you. Therefore, when it comes to deciding which web design agency to make your trusted partner, you should consider many factors. That is, you should pay attention to the expertise of its employees, the industries the firm works with, and the services it offers. Moreover, you should consider its portfolio to see whether it can assist you or not.

In this article, we gave you a brief description of the most popular agencies located in New York. Thus, we tried to help you in making such a tough choice. We hope the information provided will suffice, and you will face no difficulties while picking the right company.

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