5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Into Sustainable Packaging 

Sustainability is such a big word within the world of manufacturing that it became a requirement for all companies that aim for success. Consumer industries such as food and beverage, as well beauty and fashion are leading the front end of making a change in how products are packaged and sold to its target market. Other big words being thrown these days include “going green” and “eco-friendly”. These are all pertaining to environmental awareness. Sustainability, however, requires a holistic approach. Sustainable packaging simply means it is manufactured in a way that it won’t hurt the environment, consumers, and company’s bottomline with the goal of taking care of the planet and the succeeding generations. 

Companies that don’t want to be left out by the wave of sustainable efforts to stay in business know that there are legitimate reasons why sustainable packaging is a must. Below are some of those reasons that many can learn from as they plan their sustainable package initiatives.

Health Concerns 

Consumer health is a huge factor that companies tend to consider in terms of their packaging, especially in the food and beverage industry. This is what government regulations and calls from the medical community are aiming to address. With sustainable packaging materials, harmful chemicals and wasteful processes causing toxic work environments and diseases to consumers are minimized. Biodegradable materials typically do not cause allergies and won’t contaminate our waterways and land fills, making the overall environment safe for consumers. 

Environmental Impact 

Embracing sustainable packaging positively impacts the environment that is part of its lifecycle. From manufacturing until disposal, environmentally packaging materials check all the boxes of sustainability: biodegradable, recyclable, reusable, safe, and profitable. Kraft paper, mushrooms, hemp, cornstarch and all other eco friendly packaging materials are biodegradable when properly disposed of and won’t harm the environment as it decomposes. With a proper manufacturing process, consumer products such as food and beverage also don’t get contaminated by these types of packaging. Kraft paper, for instance, do not require high levels of energy and chemicals to be created. 

Aside from less carbon footprint, companies are also aware that relying on sustainable packaging meant fewer waste materials to deal with. Proper waste disposal is still an ongoing battle that many companies struggle with. One way of addressing this perennial concern causing pollution to our natural resources is by being a responsible company that chooses sustainable packaging.

Consumer Demand 

Aside from public health, consumers’ choice to live a sustainable lifestyle has become an increasingly significant factor in terms of their purchasing behavior. The 2022 Global Buying Green Report stated that 70% of the consumers who participated in their survey identify themselves as environmentally aware. Moreover, 68% have chosen brands with sustainable practices in the last six months.

Brand Improvement 

Consumers generally prefer brands who not only effectively advertise their products, but also translate environmental awareness into action. Sustainability is no longer just a fad or trend among various industries. In the fashion and F&B industries, for instance, environmentally friendly products and practices are considered commendable and inspiring. When a company choose sustainability alongside profit, the company also chooses to broadcast its values that need to be aligned with that of their target market. 

Increased Bottomline 

Companies who cannot meet their target consumers’ demand for environmentally friendly packaging risk reducing their market share and could hurt their revenue goals. At this point, when companies are able to improve their brand, consumers tend to flock for support and trust that these companies are leading a positive holistic change. Companies who share sustainable credentials also tend to be attractive to capitalists, especially those within the impact investing network. Sustainability when done right will always be in favor of companies and everyone else in terms of its long-lasting impact.

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