4 Highly Rated Timeshare Exit Companies

it’s incredible to see “how timeshare concept is making a difference in people’s lives” and “how people are drawn toward it”. That’s not merely a statement. According to a recent study today, approximately 9.6 million people own timeshares properties. But unfortunately, out of which at least 80-85% of people are regretting their decision to purchase one. 

With this huge dip, people are now forced to think twice before signing a timeshare contract. As these contracts come with maintenance fees that increase from time to time and also have mortgage charges attached. Making it difficult to handle properties which increases monthly expenditure. 

But as every problem has a solution, if we have unhappy timeshare owners, we also have exit companies to help them terminate their unwanted timeshare contracts. For your convenience, we have shared “reviews of timeshare exit companies” To choose an exit company wisely.

4 Top Timeshare Exit Companies 

The listed companies will not only help terminate the contract but also eliminate legal liabilities such as “mortgage” or “maintenance charges.” Let us get started with reviews! 

  1. Wesley Financial Group  

Wesley group has a dedicated team of experts to conduct termination swiftly. The process includes – account review, account-related resolution, and termination! To get favourable results and terminate the contract, Wesley Financial Group follows the advocate model, which is client-centric. By simply writing a letter or making a phone call, the contract owner can get rid of the obligation tied to the contract.   

Key points –   

  • Money-back guarantee  
  • 95+ success rate with 100% refund  
  • Equipped with 400+ experienced employees    
  • High Dunn & Bradstreet Rating  
  • Service since 2012  
  • A+ BBB ratings 
  1. Seaside Consultants Group   

The main focus of Seaside is to terminate the contract by all means. If you hire Seaside, you can have your mortgage charges and maintenance charges removed, enjoy free consultation sessions, and much more. However, the plus point is “the Seaside Consultants Group supports you throughout the termination process and guides you through each option available for your termination case.   

Key points –  

  • High BBB ratings   
  • Escrow payment option available  
  • Highly rated customer service   
  • Personal attorney provided   
  • Spanish speaking agent   
  • Experienced in working with collections or foreclosure properties  
  • Experienced in working with cases tied to delinquent maintenance fees  
  • Operational on weekends  
  1. Timeshare Compliance  

If you are looking for an exit company with an advocacy group, Timeshare compliance is the one for you. Although they are not a legal firm, if your contract requires legal assistance, Timeshare compliance offers legal assistance to exit the contract. This company has high BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings and Trustpilot ratings, making Timeshare compliance an ethical firm. Another benefit of working with Timeshare compliance is “they are operational on weekends,” so you don’t have to take a day off and invest your whole day to terminate your contract.  

Key points –  

  • Has A+ BBB ratings   
  • Timeshare compliance offers an Escrow payment option  
  • Awarded as an honour for ethics   
  • Highly rated for the service 
  • Has a good working partnership with finance companies   
  • Agents trained in the Spanish language   
  • Operational on weekends  
  1. Resolution Timeshare Cancellation 

This company is amongst the certified and most popular timeshare exit company. The resolution timeshare cancellation has been providing termination services since long and share a good working relationship with certified lawyers. The best thing about the company is “they won’t harass their clients to hire them. ” Another benefit of hiring Resolution Timeshare Cancellation is – team of experts will review your monthly timeshare payment and annual fee before offering you the quote. Keeping this factor in mind, advocates recommended by them will also not charge you commissions.    

Key points –  

  • BBB ratings   
  • Easy Escrow payment option available   
  • Philanthropic focused  
  • Resolution timeshare cancellation has transparency throughout the process, and pricing  
  • Specialized in working with low-maintenance timeshare contracts 


We hope this article can guide you through Reviews of timeshare exit companies. However, if you look closely, the one thing missing in all these companies is “they are not experienced in working with Inherited Timeshares” if you believe this isn’t a barrier, you can hire any of them. Else choose timeshare exit company, who offer everything.  

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