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The Friendliest Places to Live in North Carolina

North Carolina is a charming state with the best food, the most interesting locals, and incredible terrain from the beaches to the mountains: but what are the people like? If you’re considering moving to the Tarheel State, get ready to meet some of the nicest people you’ll ever know!

These are the nicest communities in the state, and that is why they’re such winners!


In southeastern North Carolina, Fayetteville feels like a town that’s still holding on tight to that southern charm and friendliness. Home to Fort Bragg, this town keeps a young population but touts a long history that’s interesting to learn. The balance between these two, and the incredible locals who are friendlier than you’d ever believe, make this a dream come true for young professionals.


If you’re ready to slip away to a mountain town for a quiet and gorgeous vacation, it’s time to head to Boone. Tucked into the Smoky Mountains, Boone is an old mining town that still has a lot of the charm North Carolina is known for. 

This quiet and beautiful area is known for having sweet locals, great views, and some of the best lodging in the state. Whether you want to stay in a futuristic modern home for the weekend or you’d rather stay in a hotel that feels like a hobbit hole built out of the mountains, you can find it here.  


The best part of looking at Raleigh houses for rent is getting to shop for what community you want to join. There’s nothing like the capital to compete for the friendliest city. Here you’ll find endless museums, art galleries, and job opportunities while being greeted by the nicest people you’ll find in as major a city as Raleigh.  

This is also an incredibly affordable city, which has turned it into a hotspot for families moving from around the country. This is a great place to get a fresh start.


Once called Hollywood East because of its bustling film scene, Wilmington is a beautiful beachside city with trendy neighborhoods, fun shopping, and historic district, and welcoming locals.

If you’ve never been to the area, you may be surprised that the population sits at two extremes of age, but this is mostly due to the college and retirement communities making the largest demographics.

New Burne

There’s no town friendlier than New Burne. When you get to this city, you might think it’s a bear theme park at first, but that’s just the quirky mascot the locals have embraced. New Burne is home to countless cute shops and original businesses and endless beautiful greenery.

This is the hometown of Pepsi-Cola, so it’s no surprise that it’s such a lovely place to live. Visiting here gives you the opportunity to feel at home the moment you arrive.

North Carolina is An Incredible State

Whether you’re moving from across the country or just one state over, you’ll feel at home the moment you arrive in North Carolina. Consider moving to one of these communities, and they’ll welcome you with open arms! 

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