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General Information Regarding COSRX Acid Compounds

You managed to obtain five different COSRX acid compounds in some way. Because if one acid is helpful, then surely two or three must be even more effective, right? This is assuming, of course, that you are aware of the correct way to combine acids. 

If you layer too many acids on top of one another, you run the risk of causing your skin to become irritated and red. Proper acid stacking, on the other hand, has the potential to give you the silky, radiant skin of your dreams. Therefore, what is the proper way to combine acids? You have nothing to worry about because we have described everything for you. 

The following is a guide that will walk you through the process of using the COSRX acids that are appropriate for your skin type most easily and effectively as possible.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)

The important thing to keep in mind regarding AHAs is that they operate on the skin’s surface, minimizing the visibility of fine wrinkles and big pores while also erasing acne and pigmentation scars. AHAs are ideal for people with mild acne, whiteheads, dry skin, or aging skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)

BHAs are an excellent option for people who struggle with oily skin and clogged pores since they are oil-soluble, which means they can get into the oil glands underneath the skin’s surface. BHAs are NOT advised for women who are expecting or nursing.

Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

The main distinction between PHAs and AHAs is in the size of the molecules. PHAs are bigger than AHAs or BHAs, thus they can’t irritate the skin as deeply and do so with less intensity. PHAs are an excellent option if you have sensitive skin, including eczema or rosacea.

Tips For Mixing COSRX Acids

Take these factors into account when using the chemical for your skin regimen.

1. Concentrations Matter

The likelihood of discomfort increases with the concentration of the active substance. The largest amounts are seen in treatments, such as COSRX AHA Liquid and BHA Liquid. You should never apply both acids all over your skin at once. However, the two-in-one poreless power liquid is safe to combine with any other COSRX acid product due to its low BHA content, which is why it is recommended for all skin types. Always check the label and proceed with caution when buying COSRX in Norway at online stores.

2. Alternate Acids

Simply switch up your routines and days if your skin could benefit from both AHA and BHA, or treat specific areas. Use AHA on the cheekbones and BHA on the T-zone, for instance. COSRX advises applying the AHA first and the BHA after a 20-minute wait time if you do utilize both acids in the same program. Additionally, it is advised to use the salicylic acid cleanser on alternate evenings.

3. Move Slowly

Go carefully and gently, especially if you’re not used to using acids. PHAs are ideal for people with sensitive skin and are a terrific method to experiment with acids. It is safe to use the COSRX PHA Set, which comes with a cream and a mist, every day in the same manner. In addition, the mist functions as a toner and makeup fixer. The PHA set is suitable with high-concentration acid products like AHA, BHA, vitamin C, and retinol treatments if you decide you want something more aggressive.

4. Hydrate And Safeguard

Because using exfoliating chemicals may increase skin’s susceptibility to dryness, it is essential to keep skin well hydrated. The good news is that COSRX also makes top-notch moisturizing essences. SPF should also be used. The use of sunscreen is usually encouraged, but it is especially important while using acid products. Acids make your skin more vulnerable to UV radiation, so don’t forget your sunscreen to protect your newly radiant skin.

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