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Wearing The Perfect Lingerie on Your Date Won’t Make Him Look Away From You

Dates are always important and especially, if it is your first date then you would not want to miss out on anything with your attire to meet that someone special. Now the fact is that just as girls want their prince charming, guys too want their Cinderella to be dressed most attractively so wearing your best outfit for the date is certain.

However, have you thought about your lingerie? Well, that is a million-dollar question as it’s equally important to choose sexy lingerie for a blind date or a romantic evening and feel confident so that your date won’t look away from you. Rather, the beautiful bra you choose to wear on your date speaks a lot about your way of expressing love. 

Where to get the best lingerie?

When looking for the most perfect and comfortable bras, there could be no other place other than DeBra’s online bra shop which has earned a reputation as a leading fuller-bust bra store. Started by Debra Kinney in 2000, they stock the largest range of quality lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, maternity bras from sizes 6-36, and cups A-K available for women with fuller busts and full figures. They offer to shop both online and in their Penrith store where fitters are always available in-store or for live chat helping you with lingerie shopping so that you look and feel beautiful and confident.

What does your bra reveal about you?

Your bra speaks about your personality and how you might feel on a date like:

  • Underwire bra: You have a compromising nature
  • Bandeau bra: Confident
  • Built-in bra: You prefer the convenience
  • Padded bra: Practical nature.
  • Push-up bra: You are extremely tricky.
  • Sheer bra: You make people fall in love with you easily.
  • Demi bra: Hot and sexy.
  • Racerback bra: No night hookups after the date.
  • Bra with the front hook: You don’t mind going naughty after the date.
  • T-shirt bra: Casual nature.

Shopping for your bra

Spend some good time shopping for your perfect bra and panty that would complement your dress just like you spent hours shopping for your date garment.

Feeling confident from within

All bras are beautiful, but the one you wear on your date night has to be something more special. Pick a lacy, net, or embroidered bra that would make you feel confident and sexy from within. Moreover, do not compromise on fitting. Choose lingerie that is just made for your beautiful curves.

Panty liners in a big NO

A visible panty liner under bodycon dresses is a big NO on a date night. Go for briefs with a laser cut and sexy back or lacy thongs to spice up your style.

Peppy colors

Ditch red and pink colors of lingerie that are meant for romance. Go for other peppy colors that would flaunt your figure and boost your confidence. Wear matching colors of bra and panty for an appealing, sexy, and desirable feeling.

We enjoy spending money on lingerie but hate having to stick to a budget. So why not flaunt it? Think attractive bralettes and sensual cage bras to glam up the night. Experiment with gorgeous and bold longline bras for your date night so that your date can’t take his eyes off you.

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