Purple Wave Auction – What Are the New Features of the Purple Wave Auction?

When it comes to online auctions, Purple Wave Auction has made several improvements that help make them more valuable for their customers. One of these improvements is an extension of the bidding period for groups of similar items, which helps to reduce the time it takes to make a bid. In addition, the site now allows bidders to keep similar items for as long as they want.

About Purple Wave

Since Purple Wave Auction started in 2000, the company has expanded significantly each year, with a focus on profit-making auctions. It has also done well with charity auctions. CEO Aaron McKee says the company initially started out as a live auction house that shifted to an online presence as its popularity grew.

Purple Wave Auction online auctions are a convenient and hassle-free way to sell used equipment or vehicles. The site offers a full service experience that will make the auction process simple and stress-free for sellers. The company’s auction team has experience in agriculture, construction, government, and banking. The company has built a huge community of buyers that trust Purple Wave.


The success of Purple Wave is a testament to the ability of the internet to attract heavy equipment buyers. The online auction company has been able to do this in part by implementing new features that improve the auction experience for customers. One such feature is the ability to extend the time limits for groups of similar items. This gives buyers more time to bid on items they find attractive.

Purple Wave has experienced significant growth every year since it was founded in 2000. While most of its auctions are for profit, the company has also done well with charity auctions. Aaron McKee, the company’s CEO, started the company as a traditional live auction house but has moved its focus toward the Internet.


Purple Wave auction is an online company that offers a comprehensive approach to liquidating vehicles and equipment. Their team of professionals have diverse backgrounds in banking, agriculture, construction, and government. The result is an auction experience that’s fast, convenient, and full-service. Purple Wave also offers online bidders the convenience of buying and selling right from their website.

Purple Wave has recently added a new member to its team. Amy Shaneyfelt joined the company in October 2018. She oversees marketing campaigns, brand development, lead generation, and sales support. She also assists with data capture, database marketing, and event planning. Her holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Kansas State University. She has a passion for outdoor activities and enjoys spending time with her family.


Purple Wave is an internet auction service that sells used construction, agriculture and forestry equipment to the highest bidder. The auction is a simple and hassle-free way to buy or sell used equipment. You can list your equipment and choose the price you want to pay, and the site will take care of the payment and title process for you.

When you use Purple Wave, you can specify a maximum bid. If you go over that amount, your bid will increase until the auction ends. Moreover, you’ll have to pay for shipping and other related costs. However, some people are unhappy with the service, and some have reported negative experiences.


When it comes to buying and selling used equipment, Purple Wave is the best choice for buyers looking for a fast and hassle-free auction experience. This online auction site allows buyers to set a maximum bid and increase it as the auction progresses. However, buyers will need to cover the cost of shipping and handling for their purchased items. This service is not without some controversy, with many online users expressing a mixed opinion.

Final Words:

The Purple Wave Auction team includes over 80 industry professionals with varied backgrounds. Each has extensive experience in the auction industry and the agricultural sector read more.

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