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Todoroki Shoto is a student who does not belong to the top five students in his class. He is diligent and intense, but not the best. His classmates include Momo and Tenya Iida, two of the top students. His class rank is #5, behind Bakugo and Izuku. Despite his lack of academic success, he does not let that discourage him from succeeding. He believes that a hero must have brains as well as brawn to be a success.

Major Characters of Anime

Todoroki Shoto is an undergraduate student at Yuei High School. He is preparing for the role of a pro-hero and is one of the major characters of the anime My Hero Academia. Shoto possesses several interesting character traits. Let’s look at a few of them.

Most Notable Traits

One of his most notable traits is his extreme strength. This ability allows him to control large amounts of fire and ice. He also has a great deal of judgement in combat. While this trait can cause problems at times, it has also helped him develop into a great hero.

Most Attractive Shapes of Eyes

Another trait that Shoto possesses is his almond-shaped eyes. Almond eyes are long, slanted downward, and are considered to be one of the most attractive shapes of eyes in the Asian culture. These characteristics make him appear very cool and attractive. As a result, Shoto is known as the prettiest boy in class 1-A.

Family Life

Family life in Todoroki Shoto centres on Enji Todoroki and his wife Rei, who have four children. This is a normal family in many respects, but their relationship is far from perfect. Enji is a narcissist and is constantly seeking approval from his family.

Enji and Shoto do not share the same values and beliefs. In fact, Shoto’s father has very mixed opinions about him. He is proud of Enji’s heroism, but is not sure if he treats his children equally. Enji doesn’t treat his siblings the way he would his own children.

Ripple Effects of Domestic

Although this may seem harsh, the scene where Todoroki’s mother pours boiling water on him is a classic example of domestic abuse. The ramifications of such behavior can be felt throughout the family. But even if it was a single incident, the ripple effects of domestic abuse could impact other members of the family.

One of Shoto’s biggest flaws is his unsociable behavior. The character has little social skills, and is very focused on achieving his goals. He is also incredibly egotistical, and does not care much about the opinions of others. His unsociable behavior is a result of the lack of practice he received in the past before coming to UA. However, the character is slowly developing and learning to become more social, little by little.

Long-Standing Grudge

Shoto has a long-standing grudge against his father, Endeavor, and his rival, Izuku. He can be very spiteful and arrogant at times, but he is not cruel in the deepest sense. Though he does not like to talk down to people, Shoto can sometimes be confrontational, and his inability to interact with others can make it difficult to approach him.

In Todoroki Shoto, Shouto Hero Academia.reaches out to his mother and to himself for the first time in ten years. This is a gesture of compassion and understanding, as he has never wanted to be isolated like his father. He also embraces parts of his personality that he once hated because of association with his father.

Shoto is not afraid to talk to authority figures. In fact, he speaks in peace to his teachers, classmates, and father. This is a powerful image to grasp.


There are many problems in the family of Todoroki Shoto. For starters, Endeavor is a bad father. He has a strict discipline system, but his methods of discipline are not working. For example, his son is burned in the face and he has a problem with his father. Also, his relationship with his son is not healthy.

The Hero Academia.problem with Shoto is that he is not sure who to trust. This is his greatest flaw and he never knows which way to go. His indecision stems from the fact that he cannot reconcile the two halves of himself. Additionally, the family name doesn’t exactly make people feel secure, and the fact that he is Toya’s brother further muddles the situation read more.

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