Different Activities To Improve Cognitive Functions and Brain Health

As you grow old doing things become mentally challenging, especially because of brain health issues. People are recommended to keep their mind active. Thinking skill nurturing can help to keep brain health functioning better. It even helps in slowing mental issues like forgetfulness or delay in Alzheimer’s. There are lots of brain training materials available on the internet like puzzles and games. 

South Valley Neurology center in Morgan Hill is specialized in offering care to patients struggling with different types of memory issue. Loss of memory treatment depends on the underlying cause. For example, traumatic brain injury treatment ranges from emergency surgery for severe injury and rest for mild concussion along with medication.

Dementia is a condition developed because of change in thinking skills and poor memory. The decline in cognitive abilities is caused due to vitamin B12 deficiency or kidney issues. Memory will enhance if underlying medical conditions are treated. Parkinson’s disease also causes progressive memory loss

How brain games help in improving cognitive health?

Brain games help to enhance cognitive functions by giving the brain some exercise. Just like cardio exercises that function to strengthen your heart there are brain exercises that help to avert the onset of Alzheimer’s or loss of focus. It even enhances the symptoms if you are diagnosed with lack of cognitive abilities. 

What kind of brain exercises must patients struggling with loss of memory do?

Many different brain game types are available. Find the ones you will enjoy and play without fail. Choose any kind of brain game, but the aim is to keep mind engaged and active. Regular practice can enhance cognitive functions and slow down the onset of memory recall. 

  • Sudoku – It is a number puzzle game, which seems complicated for beginners. It is a sign that brain is working fine and soon you will start pumping your brain. It is a great workout that helps to enhance your focus and memory. 
  • Crossword puzzle – It is a traditional game, where players need to complete riddles applying their language knowledge. It is scientifically proven that crossword fans have better memory and the skill to handle critical situations well. It avoids brain damage as well as nurtures the senior’s cognitive abilities.
  • Chess or checkers – These classic board games help to enhance your problem solving skills, memory, and planning. You need to think in advance and consider next move. It keeps your mind and cognitive function sharp. 
  • Learn foreign language – Online offers plenty of material sources to learn a foreign language. It helps to improve focus, cognitive ability, and remembrance. 
  • Outdoor workout sessions – Being in nature helps to enhance your thinking capabilities and mood. According to a study, elders working outdoors had great memory recall and attention span than those exercising indoors. 
  • Dancing – It is also a good way to move your body and keep brain working. Dancing is proven to execute functions, improve attention span, and nurture mental thinking. Dancing reduces anxiety and stress. You don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy dancing.
  • Join book club – It is good to stay active socially and give your brain some exercise. In book clubs, you can share your opinions about the book you read with others. Reading is the best way to keep your mind engaged and active. 

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