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If you want to buy Books A Million Near Me, but don’t want to go broke, you can shop for books at Books-A-Million. These stores are usually located in outlets or malls. You can’t find these stores in freestanding stores. You’ll need to know which mall or outlet is closest to you.

Hours of Operation

When visiting a A Millions store near you, make sure you know the hours of operation. They are open on most days of the week but will be closed on some holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. If you are unable to visit a Books-A-Million store during these times, you can contact the customer service department through email, phone, social media, and traditional mail. Some locations may be open on weekends, but these hours may vary from store to store.


There are numerous A Millions locations near you. You can find them using the maps at the bottom of this page. You can also check out the hours of operation and customer reviews. All locations are listed along with their phone numbers. There are also ratings of each Books-A-Million store.

Books-A-Millions is one of the largest book retailers in the country. Their stores offer a wide variety of books, magazines, bargain books, and collectibles. You can even find gifts and cards for a special occasion. They also have a coffeehouse called Joe Muggs Coffee, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee.


A Millions is open on most holidays. However, certain holidays have limited hours. For example, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are closed. The store is also closed on Thanksgiving Day. All other days and holidays are open. Visit A Millions near you on any other day of the year.

You can find Books-A-Million stores near you on a map. You can also search for a store location by zip code. You can also find Books-A-Million locations online. Just type in your zip code or city to find nearby stores. It’s best to call ahead and find out which hours the store is open.

Hours vary in different locations, but Books-A-Millions stores usually close at 10:00pm. Saturday and Sunday hours are often more crowded.

Books-A-Million Expands

Books-A-Million, Inc. (BAM!) is an American retailer with 260 locations across 32 states. Its stores range in size from 4,000 to 30,000 square feet. The stores offer a wide variety of books, magazines, collectibles, toys, and other gifts. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a child or a teacher, you’ll find it at one of the many BAM! stores.

If you’re looking for the best books for a reasonable price, Books-A-Million is the place to go. You can find everything from bargain books to bestsellers to the latest and greatest technology. Plus, their stores feature special category shops for everything from toys to collectibles to technology. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong at a Books-A-Millions.

Small Newsstand

A-Million Near Me began as a small newsstand in Florence, Alabama, in 1917. Its founder, Clyde W. Anderson, was 14 when he started the company and was forced to drop out of school to support his family. He sold newspapers in order to earn money. While selling newspapers, he often met construction workers from northern cities. He negotiated with them and soon had a newsstand that was popular with locals. The business was a hit, and the company grew and expanded.

Books-A-Million is planning to open 30 new locations this year. Eight of those will be on 2nd and Charles. This is a large expansion for a chain of stores, which had only twelve new stores last year. The chain’s growth this year can be attributed to several factors. The first one is the company’s brand recognition.

Books-A-Million’s Growth Strategy

Million Near Me growth strategy involves opening more superstores in existing markets. The second strategy is to convert its existing stores into various formats. As part of this strategy, the company plans to integrate Crown Book Stores and expand its newsstand concept. Further, it intends to grow the e-commerce business by opening four or five new superstores in the coming fiscal year.

A Millions also features a coffee shop where customers can enjoy beverages and snacks while they read. Whether you are buying a new book or just browsing, you will find a great selection in the coffee shop. The coffee shop offers a variety of gourmet coffee and pastries. Coffee and tea drinkers can also find supplies and accessories for brewing coffee.


Books-A-Million’s sales continued to grow over the next two years. It increased its total sales by 6.4 percent in fiscal 1997 compared to the previous year. Books-A-Million continued to search for new marketing avenues as the company’s sales continued to expand. In addition to attracting new customers, the company also increased profits.

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