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Jennifer Winget & Harshad Chopda – Jennifer Winget & Harshad Chopda Girlfriend

Actor Harshad Chopda Girlfriend is currently dating actress Pranali Rathod. The two are co-stars in the television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehta Hai. The couple is currently living in Los Angeles. The couple is reportedly very happy together.

Hindi Film Industry

Jennifer Winget and also Harshad Chopda Girlfriend, both from the Hindi film industry, have been rumored to be dating each other for a while. The two have been in the limelight for various reasons. One of them is the rumor that they met on the set of Bepannah and also have since become close friends. They were also spotted together on several occasions.

Well-Known Actor & Model

While Harshad Chopda Girlfriend is a well-known actor and also model, Jennifer Winget is a popular TV actress. They were seen together in the 2008 film ‘Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil’. During this time, Sushant Singh Rajput was in his debut movie and also Harshad Chopda was playing the lead role in the show. Both the actors seem to be very happy in each other’s company.

Actress Pranali Rathod

Harshad Chopda Girlfriend is a well-known actor in India. He is currently dating actress Pranali Rathod, who co-stars in the television show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Chopda is a big foodie and an avid fitness fan. Born in Gondia, Maharashtra, he lives in Mumbai.

The actor enjoys eating Indian food as well as Thai cuisine and Chinese dishes that are prepared with Indian spices. He is also a vegetarian and also focuses on strength training and cardio workouts. During the day, he avoids eating too much rice and also opts for dal-roti-sabzi meals instead.

Indian Entertainment Industry

Harshad Chopda is an Indian actor, who is famous for his amazing acting skills. He has made his name in the Indian Entertainment Industry with his outstanding performance in the drama serial “Bepannah.” Chopda is currently dating actress Pranali Rathod, who is also an actress. She is an Indian national with a taste for Indian and also Thai food. Harshad also enjoys horse riding and enjoys watching Bollywood movies.

Member of the Marwari Jain Community

Harshad Chopda was born in Gondia, Maharashtra, India. He started his acting career with a television show called Mamta and also later appeared in Amber Dhara. He went on to act in various television serials before making his Bollywood debut in the Jaideep Chopra film The End. The actor is a member of the Marwari Jain community and is a graduate of P.E.S.’s Modern College of Engineering. From his early college days, Chopda was active in the modeling industry.


Harshad Chopda is a well-known face in the Indian television industry. He became popular with his role in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil on Star Plus. He also has appeared in various Bollywood movies. Born in Gondia, Maharashtra, he was raised in a Marwari Jain family. After completing his +2 education, he moved to Pune with his family. Afterwards, he auditioned for the TV serial “Mamta” (Zee TV). From there, he has appeared in numerous popular TV serials.

Harshad Chopda is an actor who has been in several successful films, television serials, and movies. His acting skills have also earned him many accolades. He has won awards for Best Actor Leading Role Male (2010), Male Actor of the Year (2018), and also Male Artist of the Year (2019) among many others. He has a very active lifestyle and is an avid foodie.


Harshad Chopda is a young Indian actor. He has acted in Bollywood movies such as Raazi, Tere Liye, Bepannah, and The End. He is very talented and hard-working. His verified Instagram account has 2.9 million followers. He is an Indian national and was born in Gondia, Maharashtra.

Harshad Chopda is a versatile actor who has appeared in many films and television shows. He is known for his roles in movies like Tere Liye, Bepannah, and Left Right Left. His age is 39 and he weighs about 176 pounds, which makes him about eighty kilograms. In the past few years, he has also been the recipient of various awards, including Best Actor – Male (2010-2013), Male actor of the Year (2017-2018), and Male of the Year (2019). He leads an active lifestyle and is a huge foodie.

Social Media Platforms

There is a lot of speculation about the relationship between Harshad Chopda and his girlfriend. While there has been no official confirmation, it is believed that the actor is dating a fashion model named Vidhi Rathod. The two are close friends and have been spotted together on several occasions, including on the sets of his films.

Final Words:

Chopda is an actor who works mainly in Hindi television serials. His show “Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil” on Star Plus gained him a lot of popularity. The actor has also appeared in many Bollywood films. He was born in Gondia, Maharashtra, and studied engineering at the Modern College of Arts, Science, and Commerce.

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