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Dharmesh Yelande GF: Dharmesh Yelande & Breshna Khan

Dharmesh Yelande GF is a famous choreographer and a dance teacher who was born in 1982. In addition to being the judge on the Dance Plus show, he has choreographed many big celebrities. He is currently quarantined in Goa.

German Actress

Dharmesh Yelande GF has been dating a German actress named Breshna Khan for some time now. Khan is part of the ‘Bollywood Dubsmashes’ and is also a part of Star Plus’ popular reality show ‘Dance Plus’. The couple was recently spotted celebrating their friend’s birthday together on Instagram and shared a picture of them. The actor will soon be seen in the Riteish Deshmukh starrer ‘Banjo’.

Krishna Rao

Dharmesh Yelande GF is 36 years old and hails from Gujarat. He has studied at Baroda High School and undergone dance training from Krishna Rao. Although he is Marathi by ethnicity, he considers himself a Gujarati. He has two brothers. He is in a relationship with Breshna Khan, who he met while competing on DD Nationals in 2007.

Dancer & Choreographer

Dharmesh Yelande GF is an actor, dancer and choreographer. He has appeared in several Bollywood and Gujarati films. He is also a popular star in dance reality shows and is the founder of a dance foundation in Vadodara.

Dharmesh Yelande was born in Vadodara, Gujarat, India on 31 October 1983. He attended Baroda High School in Vadodara. Although he did not pursue a career after schooling, he has always dreamed of becoming a dancer. Yelande has two brothers.

Dance Plus

Dharmesh Yelande and Breshna Khan are dating since 2011. The dancer is a mentor on Star Plus’ popular dance reality show ‘Dance Plus’ and a twin sister from Germany, and the couple has been dating since 2011. Dharmesh has recently celebrated his girlfriend’s birthday by sharing a picture on his Instagram account. The two are expected to be seen together in the Riteish Deshmukh starrer ‘Banjo’.

Dharmesh Yelande is an actor, choreographer, and dancer from India. He rose to fame after appearing in the dance show “Dance India Dance 2.” Since then, Dharmesh has worked on many movies and has millions of followers on his Instagram account. His dancing style was influenced by the likes of Remo D’Souza and Prabhu Deva.

Social Media Personality

Dharmesh Yelande is a very active social media personality and is very particular about his diet and fitness activities. He has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. He is very popular on the social media, and it’s safe to say that his girlfriend is very social.

Dharmesh Yelande is a dancer from Gujarat. He is 36 years old and studied at Baroda High School. He later went on to take dance training under Krishna Rao. He is from a Marathi family, but considers himself a Gujarati. He has two brothers. Dharmesh and Breshna are currently dating.

Bollywood & Gujarati Movies

The two are very famous in Bollywood. Dharmesh Yelande is a famous dancer and choreographer, and has worked in various Bollywood and Gujarati movies. He has also participated in the dance reality show Dance India Dance Season 2. He has also choreographed the title song of Akshay Kumar’s movie Tees Maar Khan.

Breshna was born on 6 September 1990 in Germany. She is now 31 years old and is a popular social media influencer. Her Instagram account has ninety thousand followers. Besides being an actress, she is also a brand ambassador for many popular brands. She has even walked the runway for some renowned fashion designers. She has a large following on social media and is an avid Tik Toker.

Baroda High School

Dharmesh Yelande was born on 31 October 1983 in Vadodara, Gujarat. He attended Baroda High School. Although he did not pursue a career after schooling, he wanted to be a dancer. He has two brothers. Dharmesh Yelande & Breshna Khan is currently dating.

Dharmesh Yelande & his girlfriend are unmarried until 2020. They have been together for 5 years now and have never been shy about their relationship status. They are madly in love. Their romance has captured the hearts of every dance fan.

Entertainment Industry

Dharmesh Yelande & his wife are a very hot couple in the entertainment industry. Both are actors and have starred in numerous movies and TV shows. He has performed in various films, including BB 14, ABCD, and Banjo.

Final Words:

Breshna Khan’s birthday was on September 6th. Dharmesh wished her on social media and shared pictures of them together and apart. He also posted a message wishing her a very happy birthday on the big day.

Dharmesh Yelande & Bhreshna Khan have been in a relationship for four years now. They met in 2006 during an audition of the dance reality show “Dance India” and they have been dating since then. The two have three children.

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