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Recently, the Spectator published an article, briefly mentioning Aimee Knight of Reddit UK. It has sparked outrage among Reddit users, who believe the site has hired Knight to write articles. Knight previously worked for the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats in Coventry, and resigned after two high-profile scandals.

Blank Cheque

A blank cheque is a metaphorical document with no monetary value written on it, but which is already signed. It is often used to refer to agreements that are open-ended and vague in nature, where one or both parties are willing to consider any expense. It is a close relative of the term “carte blanche.”

UK Green Party

The UK Green Party is a political party in the UK. Its ideology is based on environmentalism and a left-wing economic philosophy. The party also advocates for public services that are well-fund and a steady state economy. In addition to this, the party is a strong proponent of proportional representation. Its social policies are progressive and support LGBT and animal rights. It also believes in non-violence. The party has regional divisions and is affiliate with the Global Greens and the European Green Party.

Votes Matter Alliance

The party is also a member of the Make Votes Matter Alliance. The coalition works to achieve proportional representation in the House of Commons. The party has one representative in the House of Commons and two representatives in the House of Lords. It also has three members in the London Assembly.

Progressive Alliance

Although the UK Green Party is no longer a major party, it does still hold a significant number of seats in local and regional governments. Its leader, Caroline Lucas, has stated that it is working to achieve a progressive alliance with other political parties. The party’s membership has risen over the last several years. It has reached 60,000 members in England and Wales.

Political Affiliations

The ban on Aimee Knight has been question by several Reddit users, who claim she has been banned due to her political affiliations. Knight previously worked for the Green Party and for the Coventry Liberal Democrats. However, she resigned from those parties after two high-profile scandals.

Reddit UK Expands Its Advertising Business

Located in London, the Reddit UK office employs over 55 people. It currently has 16 open roles, most of which are related to the company’s ads business. Initially, Reddit execs spoke with advertising agencies about how to get their products or services featured on Reddit. However, they are now increasingly talking directly to their clients to offer them deals and exclusive talent.

Sub Reddits

One of the primary methods used by reddit administrators to influence the development and perception of the site is by changing the default subreddits. Currently, users can browse all posts by default or select a specific subreddit to see their most recent posts. Using this methodology, the reddit community is able to determine the activity levels of individual pages by subreddit.

The Humor subreddit is home to funny videos and memes. The Gaming subreddit contains information on video, board and card games. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best times to post in these subreddits. Finally, the Movies subreddit is a great place to find information on movies.


Moderation on Reddit UK is perform by humans. As such, the moderators are often divided by opinions and have trouble making decisions. However, when it comes to understanding the process of moderation, these disagreements can provide valuable insights. A recent study showed that the top ten per cent of moderators spent a median of three to 40 minutes each day on the site. Moreover, two out of every three actions are taken by the top ten per cent.

There are several tasks performed by moderators that are invisible to users. These are recorded in the mod logs. By studying these logs, researchers are able to assess the volume of the moderators’ work.


As Reddit expands its advertising capabilities into the UK market, the company has also increased its staff. The London office has grown from three to 20 salespeople and is now located in Holborn. The company is also building direct selling relationships with the biggest advertising networks outside the US. It recently hired Susanne Schmid, formerly of Facebook, to be global agency lead for WPP. In addition, John Baylon joined from Verizon Media as head of agency development. According to Reddit, the UK office is expect to grow by more than 50% by the end of 2020.

Second-Largest User Base

The UK is the second-largest user base outside the US. The number of active users has risen by 48% year-on-year. The growth is driven by the growth of communities based on video gaming, reality TV, news, and life advice. The company recently launched a new marketing campaign aimed at UK users, titled “Maybe Together We’ll”. The campaign will run on TV, YouTube, and addressable digital screens. It will also be shown in 26 London tube stations.


Usage trends on Reddit UK reveal the growth of community-based video gaming and life advice content. The UK also has an increasing number of users of Reddit communities based on reality TV. Users are also increasingly interested in news and video games. Moreover, Reddit has recently launched a local marketing campaign in the UK. The campaign, dubbed “Maybe Together We’ll”, is currently active in London.

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