Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney TheBlock Invests in Blockchain & Crypto Assets

Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney is an investment firm that specializes in blockchain and crypto assets. The firm invests in decentralized blockchain projects. The company has been vocal in regards to the price of Bitcoin, predicting that the bull market will begin as early as September 2020. The firm plans to stay on the forefront of decentralized products and has no plans to slow down their investment strategy.

ZRX Token & Decentralized Exchange Protocol

Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney has led a $15 million Series A equity round in 0x Labs, the creator of the ZRX token and decentralized exchange protocol. The company intends to use the new capital to expand its business and further develop its platform. It is also planning to create a professional aggregation service and start a trading desk, among other things.

Number of Assets & Currencies

The funds will be used to further develop Matcha, a platform that will aggregate liquidity across multiple DEXs and offer the best price. 0x Labs will also be developing cross-chain functionality, and plans to expand the number of assets and currencies it can support. The company frames these next steps as a necessary step toward an open, decentralized financial system.

New Global Financial System

The 0x project is an initiative to build a new global financial system. To do this, it is raising funds. Last December, its aggregation service, 1nch, raised $12 million from Binance Labs. This week, it raised $1.1 million from Polychain Capital and other investors, including three-time crypto investor Will Warren.

Tokenizing Assets

The 0x protocol is designed to make the process of tokenizing assets, products, and commodities easy. This is done through a blockchain layer that allows the users to create new contracts and trade with them. It also adds networked liquidity to these markets. For example, it can allow users to purchase futures that are pegged to the outcome of a specific event.

The company behind the ZRX token and also decentralized exchange protocol, 0x Labs, has closed a $15 million Series A equity round led by Pantera Capital. The money will help the company build out its trading desk and professional aggregation service as well as continue to build out its open-source protocol.

Blockchain Projects

Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney is blockchain technology and crypto asset investment firm that is active in decentralized blockchain projects. The firm has been vocal about the price of Bitcoin and has predicted that it will enter a bull market by September 2020. The firm also says it will continue to focus on decentralized products, and also has no plans to slow down its investment strategy.


Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney is an investment firm that focuses on blockchain technology and crypto assets. The company is involved in several decentralized blockchain projects. It has been vocal about Bitcoin, and recently predicted a bull market that could start as early as September 2020. Pantera intends to stay focused on these projects and is not slowing down its investment strategy.

Pantera Capital led a $15 million Series A equity round in 0x Labs, the company behind the 0x exchange protocol. The money will help the company accelerate product development and build a proprietary decentralized exchange protocol. The company plans to use the funds to expand its team and build the 0x Protocol.

Early-Stage Token Investments

In an effort to provide investors with early-stage exposure to digital assets before they become mainstream, Pantera has launched the Pantera Early Stage Token Fund, which will invest in early-stage tokens with a two-to-three-year liquidity horizon. The fund focuses on protocols and tokens with specific financial applications. Investing in such assets is considered speculative and also can result in significant losses.

Pantera is a US institutional asset manager specializing in blockchain technology. Its offerings include a bitcoin fund and a venture fund targeting blockchain companies. It also has an early-stage token fund that invests in early-stage blockchain protocols. The fund is open to qualified investors and has a minimum investment of $1 million.

The BlockGaming labs has raised $24 million in Series A funding from investors including a16z and Pantera Capital. CEO Kevin Lin previously co-founded Twitch and also plans to use the funds to create high-quality games incorporating blockchain elements.


Labs Pantera CapitalMcsweeney said it has invested in 44 early-stage token projects and 26 venture equity deals in the blockchain space. The company said its recent investments include Aurora, which provides Ethereum compatibility and also scalability for smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain. It also invested in South Africa’s VALR, which raised $50 million last week. Its investment strategy emphasizes blockchain gaming, NFTs, the metaverse, and Web3 gaming infrastructure platform GuildFi.

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