Doratoon Review | The Best Video Editor to Make Free Advertisement

Advertisements are critical in fostering awareness and shaping a company’s image. As a result, businesses will only be doing themselves a favor by leveraging video editors to make free targeted advertisements. One such advertising video maker is Doratoon which has enough features to make pro-level videos free of charge. 

Doratoon: A Game-Changing Free Video Ads Editor

Doratoon has simplified the process of creating, customizing, editing, and sharing short video ads online. It inspires creativity in making advertisement videos by giving access to dynamic effects, transitions, filters, and templates. The tool comes with unlimited unique features and elements that make it a piece of cake to make Ad videos. 

  • 2D & 3D Background images. Doratoon comes with unique background images that you can use to captivate your audience and imprint your Ad video in their minds.
  • Animated characters. Improve the quality of your adverts using animated characters with tell-tale facial expressions to explain abstract and complex concepts.         
  • Editable templates. Take advantage of unlimited ready-to-use templates to kickstart your campaign without prior video editing experience.
  • Editing tools. Use filters, blurring effects, and transitions, among other effects and tools, to make your Ad videos appealing to desired demographics.
  • Stock props. Find props suitable for all professions and industries, including media, tech, marketing, and more, from its menu to give context to your video adverts. 
  • Smart subtitling. Save time and energy typing video content by leveraging Doratoon’s automated conversion technology to convert your voice into subtitles.  
  • Stock video clips and photos. Enhance the believability and authenticity of your video advertisements with thousands of stock video clips and photos. 
  • Soundtrack music. Get memorable tunes from an extensive library of this advertising video maker. There’s many royalty-free audio/music to accompany your Ad. 

How to Make a Video Advertisement With Doratoon

These are the Ad video making steps to use Doratoon. Read on or visit this page to see how simple you can generate video advertisements:

  1. Write a video script. Have the entire production laid down, including scenes, visuals, and structure. That way, you can develop characters and conversations, decide the length, and lay the ground for a call to action.
  2. Select your template. Doratoon has unlimited templates by which to kickstart your campaign, depending on your industry, field, or profession.
  3. Customize your template. Tailor your video Ad using background, texts, graphics, images, and characters with your brand assets, colors, and logos, and add or import your video’s soundtrack. 
  4. Import personal content. Upload product images, profile pictures, and infographics to familiarize prospective customers with your Ad video. 
  5. Edit the animated video. You can add, cut, trim, and delete scenes, adjust your Ad video’s timing, and apply transitions and other effects.
  6. Export the video. Finally, save in your preferred format, download, or share the advertisement clip directly on social media platforms.    

Benefits of Using Doratoon to Create Free Ads

The following are some benefits of working with Doratoon to make advertisements:

  • Convenience. Doratoon comes with diverse templates, allows text-to-speech, and provides online storage making it fast, efficient, and less error-prone.    
  • Pocket-friendly. Get access to features and specifications, such as templates, backgrounds, props, and more, free of charge. 
  • User-friendly interface. Navigate the site like a pro as you create, edit, and customize videos using its intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Ease of sharing. You can share your videos directly to any social media platform or download them to your computer because Doratoon supports multiple saving formats. 


As seen in this article, Doratoon stands out as the best video editor to make creative advertisements for your business. It has a remarkable set of features that allow you to edit your video Ads as you wish within a short time. So, why not check it out today to experience these benefits and easily produce free video advertisements online

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