Why Is SAFe Agilist Certification Costly? Is It Worth That Investment?

Agile certifications are a standard for a candidate’s understanding of the agile methodology. But what exactly do agile credentials reveal about a candidate’s capacity to use agile techniques in the real world?

Are you prepared to begin a profession as just a SAFe Agilist professional? It’s crucial to understand the expenses associated with the SAFe Agilist accreditation course before you get started to calculate the investment’s return. This post will cover all the costs of obtaining a SAFe Agilist certification, including the test fees.

Cost Of The SAFe Agilist Exam:

The cost of the advanced certification known as the SAFe Agilist Credential variesfrom country to country. The SAFe Agilist certificate is good for one year. The cost of the SAFe Agilist Accreditation in India ranges from 55K to 60K INR plus GST and other relevant taxes from any authorised training provider. People often get a 10 to 20% reduction off the overall cost of the SAFe Agile Certification. As a result, the cost of SAFe certification in India is approximately INR 45K plus GST and other related taxes. 

The extra fees for the SAFe Agilist program include:

INR 4000 approx. for each attempt at the SAFe Agilist Re-examination.

INR 8000 approx. annually is the renewal fee for the SAFe Agilist Certificate.

Is SAFe Worth It?

25% Greater Pay Increase:

SAFe Agilist accreditation will guarantee that you get a raise at your present or future employers.  SAFe agility offers you the specialised abilities that earn SAFe-certified workers a 25% pay raise over non-certified workers.

Boost The Career

The SAFe certification boosts your career and gives your profile much more weight and worth. The demand for this qualification is quite strong worldwide. Nowadays, everyone claims to be an agile expert, making it very challenging to assess and distinguish between qualified and non-certified individuals. Your understanding of the SAFe approach is validated by SAFe certification, which makes you stand out from the competition. Not only that, but if you have SAFe education and accreditation, top businesses who value and respect their employees quickly and effectively adopt Agile will undoubtedly hire you.

Obtaining SAFe Certification Reduces Design Complexity

For big and complicated projects, the SAFe technique is often employed. Together, many scrum teams may create a complex product thanks to SAFe. The SAFe approach, which is highly open, transparent, and simple, operates according to a set of guiding principles and aids in developing complex solutions. Therefore, to take advantage of this approach and use it in your tasks, you must thoroughly understand it. You may learn more about SAFe in-depth with SAFe certification and training.

 Lean Agile Strategy Is Constrained By SAFe Certification.

The Agile Manifesto, which the SAFe leadership has adopted as a collection of principles, theories, and practises, SAFe Interview Questions, forms the foundation for the Lean-Agile methodology, which is then used by SAFe. The Lean-Agile strategy allows and puts the Agile primary ideas, standards, and procedures into practice. The three direct informational or factual pathways that make up the SAFe baselines are system ideas, lean product design, and agile development. The Safe accreditation, training and online courses will teach professionals how to use and carry out the Lean Agility Approach.


Lean-Agile technology is regarded as having to meet the SAFe Agilist certification requirement. Due to SAFe’s rate of adoption, many businesses are searching for SAFe Agilist professionals, which has improved the career aspects. Your chances of landing a high-profile position at a reputable company increase with SAFe Agile certification. SAFe Agilist accreditation is therefore unquestionably a worthwhile investment.

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