Water Market in the UK – How Businesses Can Take Advantage of Different Suppliers

Introduction: Are you someone who is looking for ways different businesses out there can take advantage of water suppliers? Do you wish to know how businesses can work together with water supplier companies for profits?

If that is the case, then you must continue reading this article. In this article, we will be talking about how you could work with different water suppliers for your business’s benefit. So let’s jump right into it.

Benefits of combining business with water suppliers

Efficiency gains are one of the key advantages of businesses integrating their water services. By switching to a single water supplier, administrative chores will be streamlined, requiring less downtime for processing invoices, documentation, and other related tasks.

Your company will become more efficient while saving money if the operational time is cut in half. Having one streamlined bill is an additional advantage. Unquestionably, receiving a single, streamlined bill is a key factor in why businesses integrate their water and wastewater services with one provider. You can also think about establishing a Direct Debit with your company’s water provider.

This will not only save your company time, but it will also assist avoid late payment fees. There are numerous deciding variables when determining which water source is ideal for your company.

When choosing your business’s water retailer, for instance, you might wish to take into account whether any additional water services are provided. It is crucial to consider what elements and water requirements are most critical for your business, such as cheaper rates or additional water services, as many water retailers compete on price alone. Keep in mind the level of customer service the retailer offers as well.

On-time delivery

One of the major benefits of having a business incorporated with water supply is that the business can use the water to invest in other parts of their business. Many people out there do not know this but large industrial companies such as pharmaceutical and laboratories of medicines use water consumption when making syrups, injections, pills, water salients, and much more.

All of these and much more require water in huge demand which is just the thing you need for your business. By having a contract with a water supplier company, you can give them a percentage of profit in return for them giving you a clean and fresh supply of water. You may be surprised to find out just how much water is used for different purposes, and hence the profit it provides.

It must be mentioned that initially, it may take some time for you to establish a proper connection between the water supplier company and the industrial company, but once you do, you will be met with countless benefits, both in the long run and in the short run. 

In addition to that, by putting water to a positive cause, you will be able to contribute towards greater water efficiency, which could further enhance your business as well as the industry you have a contract with.

Switching water suppliers for business

Now that you know the main benefits of changing water supply for business, let’s take a look at the steps that are involved in switching water suppliers for business purposes. You should start by taking a look at your previous water bills, mostly from the preceding three years, as your first step.

The amount you are using and how much it costs should be your next points of focus. Verify your business total as well as the figures from each individual site if you run numerous locations. While doing this, you should think about researching certain questions such as;

·         Do you use a lot of water?

·         What is the open water market?

·         What volume of wastewater do you generate?

·         How much do you typically spend each month and annually on water and/or wastewater?

·         What are the costs, and how much trade effluent do you produce?

The next step would be to find the right water supplier for business. You may ask why this is the most important. Well, the reason why it is crucial is that finding the right business will ensure you can make maximum profit.

Cost of water use in business

The proper use of water can be advantageous to all enterprises. Water costs in manufacturing might exceed 1% of revenue. By implementing straightforward and affordable water minimization strategies, the majority of businesses could cut their water costs in half.

It is highly possible that you’re overpaying for water and related expenses. The price of consuming water extends beyond the amount you pay the water supplier for its provision.

Your company may incur additional expenses such as disposal of your wastewater, measured either as a proportion of the water you use or by the effluent’s strength; losses due to leaks and inefficient appliances; energy used to heat or cool the water; and water waste, such as excessive washing, pumping, storage, and heating.

Types of water supplies for business

Although now you know the benefits of water supplies for a business, it is also equally important for you to know the different types of supplies there are. The first type is for rainwater harvesting, where rainwater can be collected and stored on a commercial property.

Rainwater can either be treated locally to serve as a supply of drinkable water or used directly in non-human processes like sprinkler systems. The supply of water through boreholes is another form.

In this situation, an alternative to the main water supply can be used by pumping the clean water found in underground streams beneath commercial properties to the surface. Grey water systems are the third and final category.

Here, pure wastewater created by appliances like washing machines is recycled and treated. Grey water that has been locally treated can be utilized without risk in sprinkler systems or toilet flushing.


So these are some of the benefits that a business can provide if it chooses to work alongside a water supplier company. Although there are many other benefits, the ones listed above are some of the most important and ever-changing ones.

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