What size of unicycle should I get?

Have you ever witnessed a unicyclist on a bright day? It is unquestionably one of the coolest, most notable, and most distinctive sports there is. Once you learn how to ride, it’s also a tonne of fun! It can be difficult to choose the best unicycle for beginners if you’re unfamiliar with the market.

Despite being so simple in design, unicycles come in a variety of sizes and styles, and because of their options, a beginner may find them confusing. Make sure you choose the appropriate one. It’s crucial to learn how to purchase a unicycle because the kind of cycle you choose can make or break your learning process. Reading reviews like this one (and others!) before you buy a lumbuy unicycle should be helpful because you’ll get a sense of what you’ll encounter from the perspective of actual riders, not just salespeople.

Buying Electric Bicycle Guide:

The majority of purchasers place the ability to use a unicycle for their intended purposes as their top priority when choosing a unicycle. Larger diameter wheels are frequently found on touring or commuter unicycles. This increases the unicycle’s efficiency and speed. On the other hand, some Mini one-wheelers narrower wheels enable better agility, control, and traction on rough or uneven terrain.

It is not advised to buy a unicycle that is too big (or too small) for your particular dimensions. In addition to picking a unicycle based on the purpose for which you intend to use it, you should also make sure that it is one that you can comfortably ride.

The fit of the unicycle and the type of riding you intend to do are two of the primary factors to take into account when purchasing one. We suggest trainer unicycles from Qu-Ax or Indy for novice riders.

Additionally, you must determine what you plan to do with your unicycle. The sizes are broken down as follows:

12-inch unicycle:

This is the best unicycle to buy for a smaller kid. It works well for kids who are too small to ride a 16-inch unicycle, but the smooth ground is required for optimal performance, for kids up to the age of four to five.

Reduced Seatpost: 18.5′′ (47cm) Leg Length Minimum: 19.5′′ (50cm) 24-inch maximum leg length (61.5cm).

16-inch bicycle:

For children aged 5 to 8, this is a great starter size to purchase. Similar to 12′′ unicycles, the small wheel limits its usability to very smooth terrain. A 16″ ride is ideal for practice indoors but not so good outside.

Reduced Seatpost: 20″ (51cm) Leg Length Minimum: 23.5′′ (60cm) 29′′ maximum leg length (74cm)

20-inch unicycle:

20-inch unicycles are typically the most popular size that people purchase because they offer a good balance of height and movement. They work well indoors, turn quickly, and are the ideal size for tricks. These are also ideal for activities like basketball or unicycle hockey. They don’t make good long-distance machines, which is a drawback.

Reduced Seatpost: 24″ (61cm) Leg Length Minimum: 28″ (71cm) 33′′ maximum leg length (84cm).

A 24″ bicycle:

This is a typical size that adults buy because it is one of the best heights for outdoor use. Excellent for paths, off-road driving, and open spaces, though it might be a bit large for indoor use unless you have access to a sizable outdoor space. Due to the larger wheels, it is not ideal for sports or tricks.

Reduced Seatpost: 27″ (69cm) Leg Length Minimum: 31″ (79cm) Leg Length Maximum: 36.6″ (93cm)

Reduced Seatpost: 29″ (74cm) Leg Length Minimum: 32″ (81cm) 36′′ maximum leg length (92cm)


The big wheel makes it a fast and smooth ride, making it ideal for commuting and long-distance riding. It’s great for smooth roads but not as good in rough terrain as a 24″ uni. Though slower than a 36′′, it is lighter and more nimble. For experienced bikers.

Seatpost reduced by 30″ (76cm) Leg Length Minimum: 34″ (86cm) Leg Length Maximum: 39″ (100cm)


The 34′′ unicycle, the grandfather of unicycles, is perfect for long rides. Consider one of these if you are passionate about speed. This is not a learner’s unicycle at all, and it is not intended for use indoors. It is quick and smooth on roads.

Reduced Seatpost: 29.5′′ (75cm) Leg Length Minimum: 29.5′′ (75cm) Leg Length Maximum: 40.5′′ (103cm)

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