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The Meanings & Antonyms of Sipadi

There are several different translations of the Hindi word “sipadi” and a list of synonyms and antonyms is useful in learning and improving your sentence structure. The word it has many different meanings in other languages, including Indonesian and Philippine. Here are some examples of sentences using it. You may find the definitions helpful in your writing. This article will discuss the various translations and their definitions, as well as the sentence structures that contain these words.


There are several meanings for the Hindi word “sipadi.” Learning the various versions of this word may improve your sentence structure. Besides Hindi, sipadi also has several meanings in Indonesian, Filipino, and other languages. You may find some of these words helpful as synonyms for sipadi. In addition to Hindi, these words are commonly found in Indonesian and Philippine languages. This article will discuss the different meanings of sipadi and the various synonyms of it.

Hindi, for example, has a word for sipadi, Samantha. Whether you’re writing a personal statement or writing an essay, knowing the meanings of it and its antonyms will add color and interest to your sentences. You can also learn Hindi’s word for it, Samantha, which means “eat.”


One of the best ways to make your writing more interesting is to learn the antonyms of Sipadi. This word has several different meanings in different languages, including Hindi, Indonesian, and Filipino. Learning antonyms can improve your sentences and help you convey contrasts and point out important details. This skill will help you write more colorful sentences, too. If you don’t know how to use antonyms, here are some examples to help you out.

American English dictionary

In Hindi, a word that is the opposite of another word is called an antonym. The word it, for example, means lion. It can also mean related or a close synonym. You can find antonyms in an American English dictionary or thesaurus. These terms can help you identify words with similar meanings. If you don’t know which word is closest to a given one, try looking up the synonym in a thesaurus.

Meanings in other languages

Are you looking for synonyms of sipadi? Trying to make your sentences flow more easily? Try learning different languages’ meanings of sipadi. Here are the various meanings of it in English, Hindi, and Indonesian. The different synonyms of it can help you improve your sentence structure. In Hindi, the word sipadi means “aspirational”.

Final Words:

Aside from being the noun for a naughty child, the word samanarthak means “nine” in Hindi. It also means “nine” in Swedish. In English, the word for sipadi is chdd’ii. In Hindi, the word is samanarthak. In Swedish, sipadi is bästa – meaning good, while “elf” means eleven. In Bosnian, the word grad means city.

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