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15 Ideas For Your Party Looks

The end of the year is a time of celebration, which means that you most likely have a holiday or two marked on your calendar. This is the perfect time to start shopping for your party dresses to avoid the stress of the last few days before Christmas (or at least to be able to focus on other things). Whether it’s a high-end business cocktail, a cozy family dinner, or a special evening with friends, we’ll dress you up!

Christmas dinner with the company

This is the event that tends to kick off the holiday season, with some companies starting as early as November! At a corporate Christmas party you will want to show your glamorous side while still maintaining a certain professionalism. Keep your normal corporate dress code in mind and go from there. For example, if you have a hem length rule it’s probably best to stick with it. Try a sleek maxi dress with stilettos and bold lipstick to show you’re dressed to impress.

Christmas party and family celebrations

When celebrating with the family, it can be a little more comfortable. But it’s still a great excuse to wear a nice dress! We recommend that you try on a midi dress. Length is always appropriate without being too dramatic, so it works for any type of dress code and location. These types of dresses are very easy to put on, so you can definitely put them on again for other occasions in the new year.

New Year’s

The last of the year is made up of glitz and glamor. You know, on New Year’s Eve everything is allowed! Don’t wear just any dress, but wear a Mr. dress. Indulge in your red carpet moment. Take a chance. They say how you start the new year is how you will spend it, so it just makes sense to start it in style. A maxi dress with asymmetrical hem is ideal. Opt for a side split on the thigh for an even more original effect. It conveys glamor and style, giving you enough space to comfortably dance the night away.

Winter wedding

Summer is traditionally known as the wedding season, but couples who love the cold often wait for the chance of a romantic snowfall to crown their union. Celebrate love with an elegant and versatile maxi dress. If the wedding is taking place in a cold church or if you have to go out for wedding photos, you can cover yourself with a wool coat or a trendy fur coat and keep your legs warm with thick tights without compromising your style. During the reception you will be able to dance comfortably.

Birthday party

If you have to celebrate a birthday in the cold months or it’s always good to be prepared! You can always count on classic feminine cuts for a party, regardless of the time of year. Pretty colors, soft layers and feminine lines brighten any room you enter. Try a midi dress with bell sleeves or a flared top dress to always be on top, even if you take another piece of cake!

Style tips

The great thing about dresses is that they are already a complete look. The right dress will look perfect on its own, without any additional accessories. That said, if you are a fan of jewelry and accessories it is absolutely possible to wear them. You just need to know how to do it right.

Don’t go overboard with accessories. The most elegant outfits are often the most minimal. If you have special jewelry that you can’t wear on all occasions, it is understandable that you want to wear it on these holidays. Just be aware of the quantity. If you wear a dress with a high neckline, you probably won’t need a necklace. Likewise, if you are wearing a long-sleeved dress the bracelet will likely be hidden throughout the evening .

Enjoy your shoes. We’re all probably guilty of owning a pair of shoes (or two) that we bought for their looks and not their practicality. Holidays are the perfect time to wear them, as it is the most guilt-free time of the year. Who regrets the purchase?

Be daring with makeup. Winter and strong shades go hand in hand. A deep red lip is powerful and festive! And if red isn’t your color, there are always plum and purplish tones!
Good fun. You’re going to a party, so wear something that feels good inside and out. Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the silhouette, or maybe it’s the way your dress twirls when you turn around. Choose the dress that makes you happiest. After you get dressed, you will be free to eat, drink and have fun

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