Benefits of Etihad Airways Business Class Flights

Benefits of Etihad Airways Business Class Flights

If you’re looking for a luxury airline that has an all-in-one package, look no further than Etihad Airways Business Class flights. Enjoy Premium experience, regionally inspired cuisine, in-flight entertainment, and on-demand dining, all on board. Read on to discover more about the benefits of Etihad Airways Business Class flights. There’s also a special section devoted to children, Explorers.

Premium experience

The Premium experience on Etihad Airways Business Class flights to London is a luxurious, tailor-made experience. The airline offers Savoy-trained butlers, a personal chef, and a concierge service. In addition, passengers can adjust the time in their journey to the time zone of their destination. Here are some of the finer details. Listed below are some benefits of a Premium experience on Etihad Airways flights.

First-class travellers on Etihad Airways will enjoy a chauffeur-driven vehicle to the airport, a dedicated business class flights to Amsterdam counter, increased baggage allowances, and other benefits. Onboard, passengers will enjoy in-seat massages and 5 star dining, and there’s even a dedicated business centre. Afterwards, passengers will enjoy a free drink of champagne and warm nuts. The complimentary onboard spa will also provide relaxation, so you can enjoy the luxury and tranquillity of the journey.

Regionally inspired cuisine

On Etihad Airways’ international flights, guests can expect to dine on regionally inspired cuisine from various countries. The airline offers a seven-course menu in First Class, where passengers are served in a suite with a private bar and window seat. Economy passengers can expect to dine on dishes such as smoked tuna with marinated vegetable salad and charcoal-grilled lamb brochette with cinnamon-scented sauce. As with other airlines, the food is served on new, contemporary ware, including distinctive trays and tall stemmed wine glasses.

The seats in Etihad Airways’ Business Class cabin are significantly larger than on most other airlines. There is also a larger TV, a refined design, and access to a dedicated lounge at Abu Dhabi’s Airport 3. Once you arrive at the airport, you can enjoy complimentary gourmet food and chilled beverages. You can even book a chauffeur for your flight, so you don’t have to worry about driving yourself.

In-flight entertainment

There are many ways to enjoy in-flight entertainment on Etihad Airways flights. For instance, passengers can watch movies on demand and listen to music. In addition, passengers can choose between a wide selection of boutique magazines and items for purchase onboard. Additionally, passengers can take advantage of complimentary drinks and food. Seatback TVs are available in virtually every class, including First and Business Class. In addition, Etihad has redesigned their seats for maximum comfort. These include wing-like headrests, seat recliners, and extra legroom.

In-flight entertainment on Etihad’s long-haul flights is a high-end affair. It includes seatback TVs with an array of popular movies and television shows, as well as more than sixty interactive games. In addition, passengers can enjoy the same great in-flight entertainment systems that are available on Emirates’ A380s. The airline is also working with food technology startup Lumitics to offer passengers a selection of movies and shows.

On-demand dining

The Etihad Airways on-demand dining service gives passengers the option to choose a meal from a menu at any time of the day or night. The menu is available in English and Arabic and passengers must submit their preferences prior to their flight. The menu offers both traditional and healthy Emirati dishes. Guests can also request a chauffeur from the Mercedes-Benz fleet of the airline upon arrival in the UAE. Read More

The service includes complimentary drinks and light snacks for passengers during their flight. The menu is vast and passengers can customize their menus to suit their tastes. Etihad Airways staff members are trained hospitality experts who will assist you with your meal selection and recommend appropriate drinks. The airline has trained their managers to work in some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels, so their menus are designed with the tastes of upscale bistros in mind.

Amenities & Facilities

Amenity kits come with Acqua Di Parma toiletries. Lavatories are decorated in mosaic tiles and mood lighting and include more comfort products such as lotion, face mist, and eau de toilette.


A pair of noise-reducing headphones can be plugged into the side of your seat. There are hundreds of international movies, including many from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. You can also access hundreds of other short subjects like documentaries and comedies, as well as a large touch screen and extendable remote control that allows you to play all types of music around the world. A 3-D moving map display shows details about the flight route and the destinations that the plane passes. The entertainment system allows passengers to browse the menu and drink options.

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