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Bloomscape Low-Maintenance Plants

Bloomscape provides greenery that is simple to purchase from the comfort of your couch, simple to manage with at-home delivery, and simple to care for with their comprehensive plant care tips. You do not need superhuman strength to move big pots into your car or a green thumb to keep your plants alive.

Six Reasons Why You Need Bloomscape’s Plants

Here are six reasons why Bloomscape Plants is the ideal site for anything related to plants. They send gorgeous plants directly to the customer’s door. If you’ve ever searched for plants to add a touch of greenery to your living area, you are not alone. We are all familiar with how these journeys proceed.

Minimal Information On The Plant’s Tag

In addition to the minimal information on the Bloomscape Plants tag, you do not know what you will be able to keep alive or how to properly care for what you choose. You struggle to transport your new buy from the checkout counter to your automobile.

You make every effort to prevent soil from scattering all over the back seat. And when you reach home, you do your best to bring the plant you so desperately desired inside without knocking it over.

Temperature-Controlled Delivery By Bloomscape

The temperature-controlled delivery to your doorstep provided by Bloomscape Plants safeguard your plant to avoid harm and soil spills. In addition, most shipments come within a week, so you can skip the extra trip to the nursery and simply wait for your new plant to arrive.

Hoya Assortment By Bloomscape

This trio of pet-friendly, air-purifying, vining plants is the ideal, hassle-free solution to enliven your area. These potted plants thrive in indirect, bright light and fit easily on bookshelves or side tables.

Bloomscape Ensures Quality Of The Highest Standard.

From their plants to their pots and planters, quality is prioritized and assured. If your plant does not arrive in good health, Bloomscape Plants will send you a free replacement. If your pot arrives broken, their Customer Support staff will assist you.

Their Selection Surpasses That Of Any Retail Store.

It has never been easier to select new additions for your home or garden, nor have there been more possibilities grouped into easily navigable categories. You can restrict your search results by Easy Indoor Favorites, Pet-Friendly Plants, Design + Plant Decor, Low-Maintenance Bloomscape Plants, and further categories.

Bloomscape’s Plants Are Larger, Leafier, And Overall Healthier

Bloomscape Plants are larger, leafier, and overall healthier than those at your neighborhood big box retailer. Plants that have been kept outside in a warehouse for weeks must be discarded.

Each plant from Bloomscape is cultivated and maintained by a plant expert until it is transported directly from their greenhouse to your doorstep. Therefore, they arrive prospering rather than on the verge of perishing.

You Get Free Access To Plant Specialists Through Bloomscape

Now that your desired plant has arrived with no effort on your part, it is time to care for it! Whether you are a gardening expert or this is your first plant purchase, the plant specialists at Bloomscape are ready to assist you. You can submit general questions about plant care, specific queries about the plant you purchased, and even photographs with your message.

Brand Bestseller Bromeliad Summer

Bromeliad Summer is considered an air plant; therefore, it requires minimal care. It produces vibrant flowers and adds a touch of tropical flare to any environment.

Sometimes, You Receive Exactly What You Pay For.

Bloomscape Money Tree is a no-brainer if you want to avoid replacing plants that didn’t make it from the store to your home in one piece or that died a few weeks after purchase. Your money will purchase super-healthy,

long-lasting plants that come with complimentary instructional guidance and experienced team assistance. Furthermore? Each indoor plant comes with a lovely Ecopoets planter and saucer, eliminating the need for you to purchase a pot separately.

There is no better way to level up your greens game, from front-door delivery to decorating your dining area effortlessly.

Money Tree Maintenance

The Bloomscape Money Tree is an ideal indoor plant for adding a tropical vibe to your home. Native to Mexico and northern South America, the Money Tree is also immensely popular in Taiwan and the rest of East Asia.

How To Maintain Your Money Tree

Follow these guidelines to maintain a Bloomscape Money Tree. This tutorial will explain how to water a Money Tree, as well as its light, temperature, and humidity requirements, as well as any additional care it may require to flourish.

Money Tree Light

Your Money Tree enjoys indirect, strong light but can adapt to dimmer conditions. Too much direct light will burn the leaves, while insufficient light will result in slow growth and yellow foliage. Rotate your plant monthly to maintain even growth.

Money Tree Water

Water your Money Tree when 50 to 75 percent of the soil volume is dry with Bloomscape Coupon Code. Before watering, always check the soil’s moisture content. Water thoroughly until water flows out of the drainage hole, then empty the saucer of excess water.

Money Tree Humidity

Your Money Tree thrives with normal indoor humidity. If the air is really dry, though, it will enjoy an occasional humidity boost.

Money Tree Temperature

Your Money Tree prefers temperatures between 65- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit.

Money Tree Food

In the spring and summer, when the plant is generating new leaves, use a half-strength, all-purpose fertilizer once per month. Always ensure that the soil is moist before fertilizing.

What’s A Money Tree

Botanical Classification: Pachira aquatica

The Bloomscape Money Tree is a fantastic interior foliage plant to give you a tropical vibe. With its braided stem and bright green palm resembling leaves, it looks both like a tree and palm. Native from Mexico to northern South America, the Money Tree is also immensely famous in Taiwan and other East Asian countries.

Fun Fact About Money Tree

It has been said the Money Tree may reduce tension, anxiety, and may even assist relieve sleeping issues. The Money Tree receives its name from the Feng Shui idea that it will offer positive energy and good luck to the owner.

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