Benefits of being a Permanent Resident in Canada

Canada is a lovely country with a progressive government and some of the friendliest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Moving to Canada as a settler can bring many benefits, including a growing job market. An innovative administration, and much more. While permanent residence could be your long-term dream. Short-term work permits allow you to plan a move based on your current circumstances. Whether having the right skills or education, for example. Before we discuss more Canada, let’s see what the benefits of being a permanent resident in Canada are. Permanent residents in Canada are entitled to a number of benefits, including access to health care, social assistance programs, and education. Permanent residents also have the right to work and travel anywhere within Canada. In addition, permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for three out of four years. 

Top-Notch Healthcare, Education, and Social Services

There are many healthcare and education services available in Canada. Everyone has access to the best public healthcare system in the world, and no matter where you are. You can get in touch with healthcare professionals who will be able to help you with your specific medical issues if needed. It’s also a brilliant idea to ensure you have access to different groups. Such as community and social services, which could come up with unique programs for your specific situation in case of a crisis or emergency on your end. Finally, since Canada is the most educated country in the world (Survey by United Nations – 2013), ensuring everyone has free access up until they turn 20 years old is something we’re incredibly proud of because it shows just how committed we are to our future generations!

Always be on the go! Work and Live Anywhere wherever you Want and Wish

Work permits are employer-specific, so when you change jobs in Canada, you need to apply for another work permit. But, Once you become a permanent resident of Canada, it is your right to live and work anywhere in the country. Some immigration programs, such as the Provincial Nomination Program, may require you to live and work in the province that nominated you for permanent residency for a certain period. This helps ensure that provinces and territories select only qualified candidates. After a year or less, you’re free to take up residence anywhere in this beautiful nation.

Travel Becomes Easy when you are a Permanent Resident

Are you thinking of visiting New York or Las Vegas for a weekend? Once you have your Canadian permanent residency, crossing the border becomes a lot easier as you can move through freely, just as many other people with a Canadian passport (happen to be ranked 9th best globally and voted “the best” in 2020). Not only that but other countries around the world are known to give positive impressions to passports of foreigners who hold a Canadian one because they know it will open up more options for them if they plan on traveling there at some point in their lives.

Once you are a Permanent Resident, Nobody can Take it Away from you!

Unless you are a Canadian citizen or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have investigated you. The chances are high that your status as a permanent resident of Canada will not be pulled from you. If you can maintain at least two years out of every five in Canada without fail and remain in the country for at least one year during each of these years. Then your status remains unchanged.

It helps you in Lowering your Education Costs

Whether you’re looking to improve your credentials or you’d like to give your child a gift that will set them apart from the crowd in a highly competitive job market. There is no better place than Canada’s colleges and universities. As a bonus, international students may qualify for immigration and work permits upon graduation, depending on their country of origin!

Call your Family in Canada.

No more work permits, spousal visas, and on and on. When you apply for Canadian permanent residency through Express Entry. Any person you are living with (common-law partner) can also apply for the same thing as it is now possible to sponsor them for the same status. You’ll both be able to transition from Temporary Resident Visas to a Canadian Permanent Resident Card simultaneously. If you’re already a permanent resident card holder. You’ll be able to sponsor those who aren’t so they can transition into getting their Permanent Resident Cards too! You can speak and get more details about this from a known Canada PR Consultancy.

It’s tough to get a permanent resident in Canada, but with the proper from a Consultancy, such as Achintya Consultant, it is possible to obtain Permanent Resident Visa in Canada. They are experts in Immigration services and can help you with everything you need. 

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