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Things That Aren’t Covered in The Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you’re like most drivers, you have a car manufacturer’s warranty that covers the major components of your car. But what about all the other things that can go wrong? Here are 10 things that aren’t typically covered in the car manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Aftermarket parts and modifications

Any aftermarket part or modification not made by the car manufacturer can void the warranty. That means that if you have an aftermarket part or modification on your car and something goes wrong, the car manufacturer may not cover the repair. Before you add any aftermarket parts or modifications to your car, be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if it will void your warranty. Otherwise, you may be stuck paying for repairs yourself. 

So if you add a custom stereo system, bigger wheels, or tinted windows, any repairs needed as a result of these changes won’t be covered. But if you want to spruce up the car aesthetics to a whole new level with custom Vehicle Modification in Dubai and bring your imaginative ergonomics to life, look no further than Royal Tech Autos. We’ll help your vehicle replicate the aesthetics of your dream car with our car wrapping service in Dubai and custom kit installation.

2. Regular maintenance and wear and tear

When you purchase a car, it’s important to be aware of what is and isn’t covered under your warranty. Most warranties will cover major repairs and replacements, but they typically exclude regular maintenance items like oil changes, brake pads, and wiper blades. These items are considered “wear and tear” items that are not covered by the warranty. However, some extended warranties may offer coverage for these items. If you’re unsure about what’s covered under your warranty, be sure to ask your dealer or read the fine print before you make your purchase.

3. Accidents and collisions

Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you should have to pay for repairs out of your own pocket. If you’re worried about damaging your car in an accident, consider getting a warranty. Many warranties cover damage from accidents and collisions, so you won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket if something happens. Just be sure to read the fine print before you buy, as some warranties only cover certain types of accidents. With a little research, you can find a warranty that will give you peace of mind on the road.

4. Misuse And Abuse

Most people are familiar with the basics of a car warranty – it’s a type of insurance that covers repairs or replacements if something goes wrong with your vehicle. However, there are also a number of things that are not covered by a typical car warranty. For example, the warranty usually won’t cover damage from misuse or abuse. So if you take your car off-road or drive it through a flood, any resulting damage probably won’t be covered. In addition, the warranty may not cover routine maintenance items such as oil changes and tire rotations. And finally, most warranties only cover new or certified pre-owned vehicles; if you buy a used car, it’s unlikely that any existing warranty will transfer to you. So before you buy a car, be sure to read the fine print and understand what is and isn’t covered by the warranty.

5. Environmental Damage

Most car warranties exclude damage caused by natural disasters, so if your car is damaged by hail, flooding, earthquakes, or other acts of nature, you’re on your own. This is because these events are out of the control of the manufacturer or dealership, and they can’t be held responsible for damage that is beyond their control. So if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, it’s a good idea to purchase additional insurance to cover the cost of repairs in the event that your car is damaged. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a hefty repair bill that you can’t afford to pay. Environmental damage like rust and corrosion can be a huge dent in your car’s resale value. So it’s always wise to get a Premium Rust Proofing and Undercoating Service at the best Auto Body Workshop in Dubai.

6. Theft And Vandalism

Most car warranties exclude coverage for theft and vandalism. So if your car is stolen or vandalized, you’re on your own when it comes to repairs. That said, there are a few things you can do to minimize the risk of theft or vandalism. For starters, be sure to park in well-lit areas and avoid leaving valuables in plain sight. You should also consider investing in a good alarm system. And finally, make sure to have comprehensive insurance coverage so that you can at least get some financial assistance if your car is stolen or vandalized. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll never become a victim of theft or vandalism, taking these precautions can help to reduce the risk.

8. Racing And Competition

Using your car for track days or drag racing voids the warranty? That’s rough. I’m sure a lot of people who like to take their car out on the track or to the drag strip don’t even think about their warranty when they’re doing it. And why should they? It’s not like they’re doing anything wrong. But apparently, in the eyes of the manufacturers, they are. If you’re going to race or compete with your car and want your exotic car to stand out from the crowd, bring it to the Leading Auto Spa for Premium Car Wrapping Service in Dubai.

9. Commercial Use

When you purchase a car, you generally expect it to last for many years. However, even the most reliable vehicle will eventually need repairs. Most car manufacturers offer a warranty that covers the cost of these repairs, but there are some limitations to what is covered. One such limitation is commercial use. If you use your car for business purposes, or to haul cargo, the warranty generally will not apply. This is because commercial use puts additional stress on the vehicle, which may lead to premature wear and tear. As a result, it is important to be aware of this limitation before you purchase a car. Otherwise, you may end up having to pay for repairs yourself.

10. Discontinued Models

If your car model is discontinued, the warranty may not cover it. This is because the company that made your car model is no longer in business. When a company goes out of business, the warranty becomes void. That means you will have to pay for any repairs or replacement parts out of your own pocket. You may be able to find another company that will honor the warranty, but it will likely be much more expensive than if the original manufacturer was still in business.

If you’re considering buying a discontinued car, do your research to see if the warranty is still valid. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a hefty repair bill down the road. You can make your old car look brand-new with our high-quality car wrapping service in Dubai. So bring your vintage car to Royal tech Autos and brace it a new life right away!

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