How do I know if is fake or not is one of the leading websites that has been delivering various types of online assistance for more than a decade. They claim to be a market leader in assignment writing, thesis writing, dissertation writing, offering exam assistance, etc. Upon checking their website, we have found that they have served over 30K students and currently hold a remarkable rating of 4.9/5. However, we have got numerous callouts from students who are branding as a fake. Hence, we decided to investigate this matter to determine if the accusations were valid.

We tried to evaluate on certain parameters they boasted about on their website and found out if they really meet their claims. Read along to know the shocking truth!

Zero Plagiarism Issues

Many students called MyAssignmenthelp fake because they claimed that continuously delivered copied assignments from the internet to the students. They complained about getting penalized on disciplinary grounds after submitting plagiarised copies.

This forced us to investigate this serious accusation and we found out that this is all a baseless rumor. We surveyed over 100 students from various parts of the world. We asked them about their experience with and asked for a copy of their assignments as evidence. They not only denied any instance where they got a plagiarised copy but they also sent us proofs! They mailed us plagiarism reports from Turnitin that delivered along with every assignment. This proves that has always maintained originality while writing assignments and other papers. maintains 100% Anonymity

We also got a few complaints from the students that they are getting harassed in their institution because the professors have found out how students have taken external help to complete assignments. They are blaming, accusing them of leaking data.

However, when we tried to contact them and understand the issue, we got no such proof. When we approached them asking for essay writing help, they responded to our queries immediately. They presented us with a form similar to the one available on their website. We needed to fill up the following details –

  • Email Id
  • Subject Name/Course Code
  • Deadline for the assignment
  • Brief description of the assignment
  • Pages/Word Count

This proves that never asks for any details that could compromise privacy. Hence, this is most definitely a case of false accusation. For more details read reviews

Complete Safety From Online Scammers While Paying

Many students left scathing reviews about, stating how they have lost their money to online scammers while paying for their assignments. They branded as fake and a thief! This was a serious allegation that led us to investigate the matter personally.

We adopted a two-pronged approach to validating this complaint. On one side, we asked a group of students about their experience with On the other hand, we combed their website to find out any traces of malpractice. To our shock, we discovered that they use safe payment modes like direct bank and card transfers and are DMCA protected, eliminating any chances of online fraud. The students also backed our findings, saying they haven’t lost any money while paying Here is a screenshot from site reviewing websites that only backs our claim.

Online reputation

Once you go through the reviews at SiteJabber and Trustpilot, the first thing you will spot is a 4.9-star rating. Now that itself speaks for the belief students have in the agency. So, the next should be like, “Is reliable?” You need to scroll down the page to glance at what students have stated about the website.  For more writing click here

You will find some more comments like this:


Speaking of the quality, houses ONLY Ph.D. qualified experts having the capability to write professional assignments for students. Therefore, the writers will cope with your tasks responsibly and encounter all your assignment writing worries. 

Additionally, you can request the writers’ qualifications to be sure who you are trusting your grades with. Finally, the agency owners will keep all sorts of communication clear as crystals so that there is no drop of doubt between you and the writer.


Hence, from our thorough investigation, we can conclude that all the accusations made against don’t hold any truth. They are doing a marvelous job in helping students, and all these allegations may be cases of professional jealousy.

Author Bio:

Barry Whitwell worked as an English professor for six years before shifting careers as an assignment writer for

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